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Recalling 25 Firsts. July 8, 2009

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I have reached the middle point of the holiday break and still holding on to my sanity!  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my kids, but my Eldest has the worst case of verbal diarrhoea, (an affliction he apparently inherited from me), and from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep it is non-stop chatter, questions and commentary!  Wee One can still attend his little playgroup in the mornings but once he awakes from his afternoon slumber it is as if somebody has let the Tasmanian Devil lose in my house! 

So due to lack of energy and time for any thoughts whatsoever I am entertaining you all with a meme I read on Charlotte’s Web.  It looked like fun and sometimes it is fun recalling a few firsts in ones life!

Here are my 25 Firsts: –

1.  Who was your first prom date?  Proms are not really done in South Africa but we do have a “Matric Dance” which I  have always believed to be similar.  The high school I attended was co-ed (boys and girls) and for some or other harsh reason we had to go to the dance with somebody in our year from our school.  My date for the evening was a Robert, who did driving lessons before school started so that he would be able to get his drivers license and  drive us to the dance.  There was no romance there whatsoever, well at least not from my side, as I had just met my ‘Future Hubby’.  I do believe, thinking back, I could have been a better date to Robert.

2.  Do you still talk to your first love?  The young dude who I thought was my first love was probably my first crush, the last time I spoke to him was as I was leaving to study at University.  My first ‘real’ love was and still is Hubby and thankfully after nearly 10 years of marriage we still talk!

3.  What was your first alcoholic drink?  Mmm, at a sleepover, me and two of my friends got into Mom and Dads drinks cabinet and had a few tastings of “Irish Cream”.  Luckily, my parents were never big drinkers and Mom only found out about my bit of mischief months later!

4.  What was your first job?  Doing children’s shows for a promotions company.

5.  What was your first car?  A lovable little blue and white VW Citi Golf!  He came to our family with the name Henry and when we had to part ways I vowed never to get into a personal relationship with a car again!  It broke my heart! 

6.  Who was the first person to text you today?  A dear friend of mine who is also at home with her energetic little boys!  We are hoping to join forces tomorrow and brave the madness!

7.  Who was the first person you thought of this morning?  Batman.  I didn’t have a choice my Eldest woke me up dressed in his Batman outfit asking me to tie on his cape for him.

8.  Who was your first grade teacher?  A Mrs Swart, I will always remember her as the person who taught me to read, something I had always wanted to do! 

9.  Where did you go on your first flight in a plane?  My first flight was with my mom and brother to the then “South West Africa” now known as Namibia to visit my grandparents who had recently relocated there from Cape Town.

10.  Who was your first best friend and do you still talk?  A stunning person, Leanne, who I was always in contact with even after my parents relocated to KwaZulu-Natal.   We lost touch after the Varsity Years but actually saw each other over Christmas last year again.  Facebook is good for some things after all!

11.  Where was your first sleepover?  Funnily enough at Leanne’s, a whole group of us decided to form a band and practice our music at her house as she had a ‘loft room’.  I think we still disturbed her parents with our noise at 2 am!

12.  Who was the first person you talked to today?  Its a bit fuzzy, either it was my Eldest son dressed as Batman or Hubby who brought me coffee in bed to ensure that I got out of bed as he was leaving for work in half an hour.  Being a deep sleeper has its drawbacks!

13.  Whose wedding were you in for the first time?  Not that I remember but apparently my Aunts as a flower girl.

14.  What was the first thing you did this morning?  Tied on ‘Batman’s’ cape!

15.  What was the first concert you went to?  If memory serves, it was a “Live” concert.

16.  First tattoo?  What?  And have it sag half way down my body as I age – no thanks!

17.  First piercing?  None!  Mom had me facing the ‘firing’ squad’ for my first set of earrings at 3 years of age and Dad thundered into the jewellers, whipped me off the chair saying “If God wanted my daughter to have holes in her ears he would have made her that way.”  I never bothered to get them done or had any desire to wear them.

18.  First foreign country you went to?  Deutschland. 

19.  First movie you remember seeing?  Bambi and I balled the whole way through from the moment Bambi lost his mommy! Nothing else mattered – Bambi didn’t have a mommy and that was earth shattering to my 4 year old mind!

20.  What state did you first live in?  I was born in the Western Cape,  the province that boasts fine wines and Table Mountain.

21.  Who was your first room mate?  A strong and brave girl at Uni, named Wandi, who I have sadly lost touch with.  I often wonder where or what she is doing in the world.

22.  When was your first detention?  Who me?  I was the good girl! ; )

23.  If you had one wish what would it be?  To live in a crime free South Africa, now wouldn’t that be paradise?

24.  What is one thing you would learn, given the chance?  Homeopathy.  Although the chemistry side leaves me paralysed with fear!

25.  Who will be the next person to post this?  Whoever would like a trip down memory lane!


An Interview… February 18, 2009

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 I decided, after reading Charlotte’s interview, that it would be fun to participate in the “Interview Meme”. The rules are as follows:

1. If you want to be interviewed, leave me a comment, and I will send you some questions.
2. Update your blog with the answers to the questions and link back to the original post.
3. Include the rules in your post.

Now that I have completed the admin here are Charlotte’s questions and my answers.

The Interview

1. Tell us how you met your husband, and what made you think, “He’s the one.”

I met my husband at a very young age, (17 yrs to be exact).  My family and I were living in KwaZulu-Natal and I was just about to write my trial exams for Matric when some girlfriends of mine decided that we needed one last bash before we hit the books.  On the way to the club, I was informed by one of the girls slightly older boyfriend, that he would really like me to meet his friend that evening.  I demanded to be taken home!  Firstly, I was so over the whole boyfriend thing, I had my exams to write with a view to attend Stellenbosch Uni, in the Western Cape, the following year and I needed to keep my head clear!  My girlfriend turned around and told me to stop being so intense, enjoy the evening and have a ‘one night stand for once in my life’.  So I decided to be a little more carefree although I knew it was against my nature.  We walked into the club and found our group of friends, when I saw this guy standing to one side, appearing shy.  As he looked up the strobe light from the dance floor reflected into his grey/blue eyes and I was mesmerised!  I remember thinking that my girlfriends could keep their ‘friend’ that they wanted me to meet as I was wanting to know more about this shy guy.  Turns out, he was the friend I was suppose to meet.  I went with my heart and ignored my head.  How did I know he was the one? Besides the initial physical attraction, we spoke about everything, we are polar opposites when it comes to personality but where one has weakness the other has strength and this allows us to balance each other.  The real test of our relationship was, when after dating for only 6 months, I was informed by my family that I would have to reject my place in Stellenbosch and ‘consider’ studying at the University of the Free State as my father was transferred to a tiny town in that region and financially it would be more viable.  Once a month my very new boyfriend on the meagre salary of an article clerk would drive to visit me.  We wrote and we phoned each other every night at 8pm.  After my year of severe culture shock in the province of the Free State, I begged my father to allow me transfer to the University of Natal to complete my degree.  Afterall, I had found the One!  So there you have it, my one night stand ended up being a happily ever after!

2. Do you have a dream city to visit and why is that one?

I have been lucky enough to visit a few cities on my ‘must experiance’ list.  The one that has eluded me and I still dream of visiting is ANYWHERE in Ireland.  I believe that Dublin is something to experience but I do see myself more rural should I ever be able to set foot in the ‘land of the green and the gray’.  I think the attraction for me to visit this country is based in it’s folklore, music and the fact that there is a family connection. 

3. Living in a house full of men. Discuss.

There is whole lot of ‘yang energy’ going on in my household and as I am the only female in the home it falls on my shoulders to try and balance the three men in my life.  An exhausting task.  I don’t think there is much difference between a house full of men or a house full of women, it may be a little more highly charged and naturally interests may vary.  Sport takes preference in our home as we have every ball, bat and racket to suit a range of sports.  If one of the boys requires another bike, trike or scooter we will have to park our cars outside to accommodate their ‘wheels’ in our garage!   Thankfully my Hubby is a fabulous Dad and very involved, so they play all the ball games together, ride bikes and he takes Eldest for his weekly visit to the skate park.  I try and bring their energy down a bit by encouraging them to sit still for a few minutes and read, draw or build puzzles.  Eldest doesn’t like to sit still for long and it is yet to be seen which way Wee Ones interests will develop.   The men in my home require attention and lots of it, leaving me to my own devices to  read, paint or blog is unheard of and at times I find challenging!   However, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

4. If Nigella Lawson (or any other cook whose recipe books you like) were to cater your birthday party, what three things would you demand that she made for you?

If ANYBODY would just cook for me that would be a treat in itself!  I love watching Nigella on BBC Food as she effortlessly ‘throws’ together a few ingredients to make a scrumptious meal!  (I always wonder if she does her own washing up afterwards?)  If I had Nigella catering my birthday meal I would hate to tell her what to cook for me as I think the whole point would be for me to taste something that I would not ordinarily eat.  But I would give guidelines as firstly I am allergic to fish and shellfish and would be very disappointed if that made its way under my nose.  So for starters she can have carte blanche and for my main course I would like to see what she could do with a well aged steak.  Now, for dessert I do have a special request, I saw her make this on the telly and have been dreaming about it ever since.  Molten Chocolate Babycakes – the way she took them out the oven and dipped her spoon into the pud with this dark chocolate oozing out still puts me in a happy place and I would love to try them.  As a special request, as I really have given her alot of free rein with my birthday meal, I wish to have a mug of her homemade hot chocolate to take to bed and sip while reading my book.  Oh!  And somebody better do the dishes!

5. If you were given a day to spend by and for yourself, not taking the needs of others into account ONCE, what would you do?

As it is a full day by myself, and for myself,  I will take full advantage of the 24 hours of ME TIME!  After I put the kids down for the night I shall drive myself to either the Berg or the Midlands, (here in KZN), armed with a good book, oil paints, canvas, sketch pad and pencils to a quaint, quite little establishment so that I may wake up peacefully in my own time.  I will have breakfast at a leisurely pace, sip my latte and take in the view.  For the rest of the morning, depending on how I am feeling, I may sketch or paint. (I have an idea for a canvas going on in my head and have been unable to begin it – very annoying!) I will paint or sketch without interruption and a light snack will magically appear at lunchtime.  After I have satisfied by creative drive, I will retire to my bed with a book and my favourite Lindt choccies and hopefully mother nature will play the game in this little fantasy and gives me the almighty rains that fall in this area in the afternoons.  Snuggle up!  After a nap, I am sure to have, I will enjoy an unrushed dinner in peace accompanied by a fruity Pinotage.  The night will be a relaxing wind down to my day, with a deep bubble bath, a warm herbal tea and back into bed to read to my hearts content till I fall asleep when the book hits the floor. (And at this point the lights will magically turn off!)

Thanks Charlotte for your exciting questions, I enjoyed answering them!


Another Year. Another Number. October 1, 2008

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In light of my recent birthday I am going to try my hand at the AGING MEME which I read on Charlotte’s Web and was created by ZoesMom.

The Aging Meme
all you have to do is fill in the blanks…

At a certain age women should start celebrating who they are and not their age .

At a certain age men should realise that at some point the body will start acting it’s age.

When I was a kid I thought I would be a librarian.  I have an intense love for reading and as a child I thought that would be an awesome vocation to sit, read and hand out books! 

Now that I am older I wish I had travelled more before having kids.

You know you are too old to shop at certain “young branded’ clothing stores when the tops you try on are cut to accommodate perky breasts and waists still devoid of love handles!

You know you are too young to shop at certain clothing stores when the clothes you try on make you look like a tent with a head.

(As you can see, girlfriend over here is having a serious problem finding clothes that fit and that she actually likes!) 

When I was in high school I listened to the music of the Hothouse Flowers, Depeche Mode, U2, the Police, Violent Femmes, the Doors, Siouxie and the Banshees, Madness, Enya, Deep Forest, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, PIL, Sex Pistols, REM, Counting Crows and the list could go on and on.

Nowadays I find I like the music of everything I mentioned above and now and again something hits the charts that I enjoy for a brief moment until the radio stations kill it for me.

On my last birthday I was very pregnant.

On my next birthday I want to have a HUGE Bash – to make up for the last two years!

The best birthday present I ever got was my first bit of jewellery from my then Boyfriend and now Hubby .

The first time I felt grown up was when I moved into my own dwelling.

The last time I felt like a kid was when I ‘free painted’.

When I read “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse it changed my life.

Last year was bitter sweet.

Next year I hope for love and laughter which are the principles that I base my reasons for living fabulously!

Life is fleeting when you look at it in terms of numbers so I have decided that each year is not a birthday but a celebration of life!