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Mommy Moments June 28, 2010

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To keep the fine balance of sanity in our home, especially during these extremely long school holidays, we have something called “quiet time” which starts around 1pm when Wee One starts hitting his peak of  exhaustion after a full morning of running around trying to copy his older brother.  Eldest, sits quietly in his room ‘reading’ a pile of his books and Wee One, after a bit of protesting, heads off to the land of nod.  I escape to my room and gleefully pick up my book, enjoying the few moments I have off duty as “Supermom”!

Yesterday, Eldest decided that instead of reading, art was the order of the afternoon. 

With my nose firmly in my book I heard a strange shuffling noise at my bedroom door and a little voice announcing I had ” Post!”.

Under my door, I found a folded piece of paper, decorated with butterfly on the front. 

“What a beautiful butterfly!” I exclaimed.  “Is this for me?”

“Open it up Mommy!  Open it up!” replied the little voice at the door.

Inside, in his best 6-year-old scrawl was ” I love U M m” and his name written below.

So we left out an all important “o” to complete my name but as it was his first  attempt at a card, not instigated by a teacher around Mothers Day, this was the best present I could have received!  It was one of those precious “Mommy Moments” where you feel like all the nose wiping, sandwich making, juice pouring and the many other duties one performs daily are all worth it!

I hugged him tightly, praised his socks off and placed the special card next to my bed on top of my book pile.

Today, I received an additional three cards and  I am running out of space!


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen,… AGAIN! March 30, 2010

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It is almost a year ago that I had to say goodbye to a very dear friend of mine as she and her family departed for Australia, now I have to do this again and this time I have to say goodbye to family as they leave for New Zealand.  The people are different but the reasons are still the same.

So this week will be all about our last braai together, our last drinks together and our last Easter together.  It’s not a nice thing to do and normally I handle these things like a complete coward by sticking my head in the sand and waving them goodbye as if I am going to see them next week. 

It works for me.


Ten Years March 4, 2010

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Ten years ago….

1. I woke up very tired.

2. I was very unhappy that it was raining!

3. I had my hair done and had a friend ramp the pavement in front of the salon with my car so I didn’t get my hair wet when stepping outside.

4. I sat around in a sliver dressing gown drinking tea with my closest friends.

5. I had my make up done professionally and posed for countless photographs in a beautiful garden.

6. I made my Dad cry.

7. I held my Dad’s hand and my brother drove us to a beautiful church.

8. I walked down the aisle towards my fiance.

9. I promised to love, cherish and honour the most amazing man.

10. I walked up the aisle, the wife of this most amazing man.

Tonight I will celebrate this day a little differently than I did 10 years ago.  There will be no extended family and friends, there will be no speeches, there will be no buffet style dinner with 3 different deserts and there will be no dance floor.

Tonight, we will order our food – take away –  from our favourite restaurant, we will sit together in the comfort of our own home, we will open a bottle of 2000 Backsberg Pinotage, kept for this very occasion, and we will dance together, to the song we did 10 years ago, on our living room rug.


Premature Celebration! January 2, 2010

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It all starts with 3 couples who have been friends for many years.   The men started high school together and luckily when they found the ‘girls of their dreams’ they got along too!  We watched each couple start their romances, get engaged, partied at the engagement parties, stood and watched each one get married, partied harder at the reception and for a few years got together on a regular basis.

Then one by one we decided to fall pregnant, we drank tea at the baby showers, brought flowers to celebrate the arrival of the pink feet and watched each other fall into the motions of parenthood and sleep deprivation.  Slowly, as we added to our families, and strangely we all have two boys a piece, we try to see each other at birthday parties, which is just bedlam and plain impossible to have a conversation!

So it was arranged that after Christmas and  just before New Year we would get together for our last ‘adult’ dinner of the year.  Babysitters were arranged, the kids were bathed and fed on time so that nothing  could make us miss a second of our big night out!

It was good, really good! We ate amazing food, drank a little too much, laughed until we cried and were the last to leave the restaurant!

Needless to say, December 31st was looking like the 1st of January, but we couldn’t pull the duvet over our heads, Hubby had an early morning tee-off time with my Dad who celebrates his birthday on the last day of the year. (And woe betide anyone who gives him his birthday gift in left over Christmas wrapping paper!)  So the men went off to chase a little white ball around a golf course and I chased two little boys around my Mom’s garden and house.  By the afternoon ‘shattered’ could not describe how dearly Hubby and I were paying for our sins from the night before.  After Dad’s birthday lunch, (which ended in the evening), we threw the kids in the car, raced home, dunked them in a bath, slapped on their pj’s and drop kicked each one into bed. 

Hubby and I knew our fate, that this year would be different, we had prematurely celebrated and the party spirit was gone.  We were tucked up in bed at 8:30 and I turned the lights out at 9:30 when I found my book on my face. 

At midnight, the sky was alight with fireworks, their whizzes, pops and bangs echoing through the night air.  Hubby and I turned to face each other, wished each other a Happy New Year and turned back over to catch up on the sleep lost due to the premature New Years Eve of 2009!


Ode to the Christmas Aftermath! December 27, 2009

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 ‘ Twas the Night Before Christmas’ by Clement Clarke Moore is one of favourite Christmas poems even though it has been overdone through the years.

Looking at the Christmas aftermath in my house which is  strewn wrapping paper, packaging, bottles stacked for recycling and a very neglected ironing pile, I was inspired in the spirit of this very special poem to write one pertaining to my household today.

 Twas two days AFTER Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…

Although Luka the goldfish, was thankfully still,

Swimming around in his salad bowl.


 As it was raining outside, two boys were inside,

Leaving their skateboards at the front door.


 Hubby was lost behind a book, only surfacing now and then,

To the give the fridge a look.


 The woman of the house,

Who was Cook, Cleaner, Mother and Spouse,

Looked at the mess and thought to herself,

If only Santa had left her a *house elf!

(*I think J K Rowling must have thought about mothers everywhere when including these magical housekeeping folk in her Harry Potter books!)


A Tale Of Two Fairies December 18, 2009

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The Advent Calender has been dutifully filled by our resident Christmas Fairy.  A concept I came up with as our Advent Calender has little pockets which can be filled with treats and then reused the following year.  This concept of “waiting” till the next day to have another treat is something Eldest didn’t wish to comprehend and so the Christmas Fairy comes every night to fill the following days pocket with a treat which is then eagerly discovered by the kids on waking every morning.  A little chocolate before breakfast never hurt anybody and afterall its Christmas!

My eldest son has had another wish, that the Tooth Fairy would visit for Christmas.  I scoffed at this little fantasy, afterall in my mind five and a half is far too young to start losing teeth!  How wrong I was!  Monday morning, while Eldest was munching on his piece of toast he exclaimed that he had a “wobbly tooth”!   Once again I endeared the little chap and tapped his front tooth telling him again that it was still not budging! 

“Not that one Mommy!  This one!”

Tapping one of his lower incisors I realised that my ‘baby’did indeed have a wobbly tooth, probably the first little nipper he cut when we were in the UK for Christmas five and a half years ago!  In all honesty I was not prepared to ‘grow up’ this quickly! 

Everybody he met or spoke to was told of his ‘wobbly tooth’ and everyday he insisted on eating an apple in an attempt to dislodge the long-awaited wobbly tooth!  Whether it was the apples or the hotdog he ate for lunch, by yesterday evening my first-born had achieved his next milestone.  His first tooth fell out!  After much deliberation a shoe was selected for the prized tooth to await the arrival of the Tooth Fairy. 

 As he went to bed that night I assumed the role of the Christmas Fairy by placing two chocolate Reindeer in the Advent Calender and tiptoed upstairs to be the Tooth Fairy for my little boy who is growing up whether his mother likes it or not.


Vanishing Lebkuchen! December 14, 2009

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Our beloved Aunt in Germany has stopped coming to South Africa for Christmas.  She prefers to soak up the Christmas cheer with her friends at the many Christmas Markets and then escape the wet weather of January through to April by soaking up the much-needed sun here in South Africa.  I can’t blame her!  However, we have experienced a huge loss due to this decision. Lebkuchen, Stollen and Cinnamon Stars! 

Nothing made it feel more like Christmas than getting together on a Sunday for “Advent Coffee” and gorging on  pieces of Stollen, (German Christmas Cake), Lebkuchen, (a type of spiced cake, sometimes coated in chocolate) and Zimt Sterne, (Cinnamon Stars).  Thankfully, due to a more global economy, some stores here in South Africa started stocking various of these items imported from Germany.  Hooray, we could eat Lebkuchen for another year!  Last year my hopes were dashed when I found that many stores decided that South Africans would stick to the humble Christmas mince-pie and didn’t bring in any of my favourite German delicacies.  Luckily for me, Hubby did a visit to Germany, and at my request, came back with the much awaited mother load of Lebkuchen and Zimt Sterne!  So we celebrated another year the ‘normal’ way.

This year I went on another scavenger hunt on the quest to find Lebkuchen, which I found, although the price could suck the Christmas cheer out of anybody!  So I bought my stash and packed it away in the grocery cupboard awaiting our first Advent with my Father-In-Law.  Coffee was made and my stash of Lebkuchen and Stollen were enjoyed.  I didn’t put it all out, there are four Sundays till Christmas and I was determined to have a bit every Sunday!

The box was considerably lighter this  Sunday…  I was  horrified!  What happened to my stash!

Devastated, I informed Hubby that we were a few Lebkuchen short of  an “Advent Coffee” when he, looking most forlorn, exclaimed “Oh no! I was enjoying my lebkuchen in the mornings, don’t we have any more?”

So while we were all tucked up in bed with “visions sugar plums dancing in our heads” Hubby was starting his day with a morning mug of java and a Lebkuchen or two! 

My New Years Resolution…. learn to bake!