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Marketing Seasons August 3, 2010

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Winter is always marketed so beautifully.  It always fascinates me how all the ‘rag mags’, from mid autumn, start choosing warm red, orange and chocolate-brown fonts for their front covers, advertising recipes for stews, pot pies and homemade soups and the freebies included are lozenges with extra Vitamin C, packets of soup and lip balm samples.  You almost can’t wait for the cooler weather so you can roll up in a comfy blanket and wrap your hands around a mug of  hot chocolate!

But with winter comes bugs and not the type you can keep away by lighting a Calendula candle. I am talking about the type that gives us the common cold or the flu!  Over the past two weeks I have been  introduced to another horrible virus called Conjunctivitis which swept through my Wee One’s playgroup like wildfire!  Wee One started with it, three days later Eldest had it and while I was patting myself on the back for dodging this particular bug, it caught me off guard and kept me in quarentine too! 

When I am finally allowed to roam amongst civilisation and replenish the grocery cupboard which is “Hubbard” in appearance,  I will stand in the check out aisle with anticipation, hoping  to see the rag mag covers sporting turquoise blue, lime green and strawberry pink fonts on their front covers, recipes for crunchy salads and summer fruit Pavlova’s, and this years ‘fool proof’ 2 week diet promising to awaken my inner bikini body from under my winter fat.   

Yes, I think I am about ready to be sold on summer…