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Turn Out The Light. March 26, 2010

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There are 365 days in a year and some are more special than others.   We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, religious holidays and public holidays. 

Tomorrow, March 27th, is not a special day but a special hour.  Earth Hour.  Those two words have so much meaning.  For one hour, starting at 8:30, every household and business are encouraged to turn out their lights, televisions, computers etc and give Mother Earth her hour to be the most important thing on our minds, so we can focus on climate change and what humanity is doing her resources. 

I took part last year and will be doing so again this year.  I love the fact that it is proactive.  We, as individuals, for that hour can collectively stand together and say our Earth comes first.  Because without our Earth there is no ‘us’ and it is time that Governments, Countries and its people start realising this very simple fact.  Let’s stop taking, the fresh air we breathe everyday,  for granted.


4 Responses to “Turn Out The Light.”

  1. Kit Says:

    We did Earth Hour last year too and had a candlelit hour. I remember someone commenting on my blog that the candles were petroleum based products too, so I wasn’t doing much to help the environment!
    This year it coiincides with our Autumn festival, the theme for which is Earth, so we’ll have a whole crowd of us here and will burn candles notwithstanding.

  2. natalian Says:

    Kit: I love reading about your festivals! Hope you post about it again!

  3. Thanks for the reminder!!

  4. Pete Says:

    I was on duty (and so at the base) but I still managed to turn out the lights. I like these hours. I think we could do with a few more of them.

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