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Ten Years March 4, 2010

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Ten years ago….

1. I woke up very tired.

2. I was very unhappy that it was raining!

3. I had my hair done and had a friend ramp the pavement in front of the salon with my car so I didn’t get my hair wet when stepping outside.

4. I sat around in a sliver dressing gown drinking tea with my closest friends.

5. I had my make up done professionally and posed for countless photographs in a beautiful garden.

6. I made my Dad cry.

7. I held my Dad’s hand and my brother drove us to a beautiful church.

8. I walked down the aisle towards my fiance.

9. I promised to love, cherish and honour the most amazing man.

10. I walked up the aisle, the wife of this most amazing man.

Tonight I will celebrate this day a little differently than I did 10 years ago.  There will be no extended family and friends, there will be no speeches, there will be no buffet style dinner with 3 different deserts and there will be no dance floor.

Tonight, we will order our food – take away –  from our favourite restaurant, we will sit together in the comfort of our own home, we will open a bottle of 2000 Backsberg Pinotage, kept for this very occasion, and we will dance together, to the song we did 10 years ago, on our living room rug.


4 Responses to “Ten Years”

  1. You brought tears to my eyes! Happy anniversary and wishing you both a fabulous evening. Here’s to ten more wonderful years.

  2. Kit Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful evening and enjoy a great wine.

  3. Simon Back Says:

    Happy anniversary from us at Backsberg. Enjoy the pinotage!

  4. That sounds like a perfect evening.

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