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Valentines Day According To A 5 Year Old! February 20, 2010

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Valentines Day was a week ago, the roses have dried up, the chocolates have been eaten and if you want more you can still buy them at a discounted price.

In the run up to this day of hearts and schmaltz I decided to purchase some really delicious looking “mallow filled” heart chocolates just in case Eldest wanted to take his teacher a little something for Valentines Day. (Apparently some kids do this.)  So while he was eating his lunch I informed him of my purchase to take to his teacher for Valentines Day.

“Nah!  I think Valentines Day kinda stinks!” he replied pulling up his nose.

Trying to keep a straight face I replied that I thought he may like to take his teacher a chocolate.

“If you give me a chocolate, to give to my teacher, I think I will eat it!” he said thoughtfully.

Well, at least the boys honest!

On Valentines Day, as I was peeling back the bright pink foil off one of these delicious little morsels, I have to admit, I was secretly delighted!


One Response to “Valentines Day According To A 5 Year Old!”

  1. Aww. I would eat it too.

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