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Valentines Day According To A 5 Year Old! February 20, 2010

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Valentines Day was a week ago, the roses have dried up, the chocolates have been eaten and if you want more you can still buy them at a discounted price.

In the run up to this day of hearts and schmaltz I decided to purchase some really delicious looking “mallow filled” heart chocolates just in case Eldest wanted to take his teacher a little something for Valentines Day. (Apparently some kids do this.)  So while he was eating his lunch I informed him of my purchase to take to his teacher for Valentines Day.

“Nah!  I think Valentines Day kinda stinks!” he replied pulling up his nose.

Trying to keep a straight face I replied that I thought he may like to take his teacher a chocolate.

“If you give me a chocolate, to give to my teacher, I think I will eat it!” he said thoughtfully.

Well, at least the boys honest!

On Valentines Day, as I was peeling back the bright pink foil off one of these delicious little morsels, I have to admit, I was secretly delighted!


Random January February 2, 2010

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Is it just me or did January pull a fast one and disappear before I got out of the starting blocks?  The gun went off and I was obviously still tying my shoelaces!  Since the kids started school I am trying to get into new routines and timetables that seem simple but I still have to cognitively process each day.  Hopefully by the end of this month I will be back on autopilot!  So here are some random things before I start ranting about politics and other boring nonsense!

  • We have just had our house painted.  It was more stressful than I anticipated and every time they painted our window frames the fumes gave me a headache!  The workers only managed to break a toilet seat while being here for 3 weeks. 


  • My Eldest started BIG school.  Hubby and I felt a little twinge as our Eldest donned his school uniform and went off dragging his school bag behind him.  After two weeks he can write his name and is starting to learn the alphabet.


  • Disney is good for some things, since Eldest watched “Lazytown” he has a new found love for fruit referring to it as ‘sports candy’!


  • I moved Wee One to a new playgroup.  I want my kid to play outside, get dirty, stick macaroni on paper and eat play dough.  Last year he came home bearing photostated copies of things that my Eldest was doing at school.  Trying to teach a 2-year-old the cone, cylinder and cube shape seemed a little advanced! 


  • Wee One has started his first swimming lessons.  I wonder if water phobia is genetic? (Can you tell it’s not going well?)


  • I decided that this was going to my year where I would pick up my paintbrush, dust off my camera and give myself that important “me” time.   The “I am woman hear me roar” bravado has now been beaten into submission by the children’s extra mural activities, chaining me to the steering wheel of my car.  I will get there eventually.


  • Ring the bells and let the heavenly choir rejoice!   I FINALLY have a tumble dryer! He arrived with a name,  “Maxx 7”,  and apparently he is also ‘sensitive’.  I can now provide clean, DRY clothes for the entire family regardless of rain, thunderstorm or painter!


Now, if you will excuse me, “Maxx 7” has just beeped with my dry load of laundry that “Maxx 6”  washed for me this morning.  Pity there is no “Maxx” to do the ironing too!