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Premature Celebration! January 2, 2010

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It all starts with 3 couples who have been friends for many years.   The men started high school together and luckily when they found the ‘girls of their dreams’ they got along too!  We watched each couple start their romances, get engaged, partied at the engagement parties, stood and watched each one get married, partied harder at the reception and for a few years got together on a regular basis.

Then one by one we decided to fall pregnant, we drank tea at the baby showers, brought flowers to celebrate the arrival of the pink feet and watched each other fall into the motions of parenthood and sleep deprivation.  Slowly, as we added to our families, and strangely we all have two boys a piece, we try to see each other at birthday parties, which is just bedlam and plain impossible to have a conversation!

So it was arranged that after Christmas and  just before New Year we would get together for our last ‘adult’ dinner of the year.  Babysitters were arranged, the kids were bathed and fed on time so that nothing  could make us miss a second of our big night out!

It was good, really good! We ate amazing food, drank a little too much, laughed until we cried and were the last to leave the restaurant!

Needless to say, December 31st was looking like the 1st of January, but we couldn’t pull the duvet over our heads, Hubby had an early morning tee-off time with my Dad who celebrates his birthday on the last day of the year. (And woe betide anyone who gives him his birthday gift in left over Christmas wrapping paper!)  So the men went off to chase a little white ball around a golf course and I chased two little boys around my Mom’s garden and house.  By the afternoon ‘shattered’ could not describe how dearly Hubby and I were paying for our sins from the night before.  After Dad’s birthday lunch, (which ended in the evening), we threw the kids in the car, raced home, dunked them in a bath, slapped on their pj’s and drop kicked each one into bed. 

Hubby and I knew our fate, that this year would be different, we had prematurely celebrated and the party spirit was gone.  We were tucked up in bed at 8:30 and I turned the lights out at 9:30 when I found my book on my face. 

At midnight, the sky was alight with fireworks, their whizzes, pops and bangs echoing through the night air.  Hubby and I turned to face each other, wished each other a Happy New Year and turned back over to catch up on the sleep lost due to the premature New Years Eve of 2009!