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Ode to the Christmas Aftermath! December 27, 2009

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 ‘ Twas the Night Before Christmas’ by Clement Clarke Moore is one of favourite Christmas poems even though it has been overdone through the years.

Looking at the Christmas aftermath in my house which is  strewn wrapping paper, packaging, bottles stacked for recycling and a very neglected ironing pile, I was inspired in the spirit of this very special poem to write one pertaining to my household today.

 Twas two days AFTER Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…

Although Luka the goldfish, was thankfully still,

Swimming around in his salad bowl.


 As it was raining outside, two boys were inside,

Leaving their skateboards at the front door.


 Hubby was lost behind a book, only surfacing now and then,

To the give the fridge a look.


 The woman of the house,

Who was Cook, Cleaner, Mother and Spouse,

Looked at the mess and thought to herself,

If only Santa had left her a *house elf!

(*I think J K Rowling must have thought about mothers everywhere when including these magical housekeeping folk in her Harry Potter books!)


3 Responses to “Ode to the Christmas Aftermath!”

  1. Kit Says:

    I have a secret house elf – my mother attacked the ironing pile today and it is greatly reduced! There are still plenty of shreds of wrapping paper strewn around though!

  2. HPH Says:

    But my dear why didn’t you just ask hubby and sons to help?

    BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!

  3. Pete Says:

    Nice poem. And I think a house elf would definitely come in handy! Reminds me of a joke: Why did santa’s helper go to the psychologist? A: Because he had low elf-esteem!

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