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A Tale Of Two Fairies December 18, 2009

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The Advent Calender has been dutifully filled by our resident Christmas Fairy.  A concept I came up with as our Advent Calender has little pockets which can be filled with treats and then reused the following year.  This concept of “waiting” till the next day to have another treat is something Eldest didn’t wish to comprehend and so the Christmas Fairy comes every night to fill the following days pocket with a treat which is then eagerly discovered by the kids on waking every morning.  A little chocolate before breakfast never hurt anybody and afterall its Christmas!

My eldest son has had another wish, that the Tooth Fairy would visit for Christmas.  I scoffed at this little fantasy, afterall in my mind five and a half is far too young to start losing teeth!  How wrong I was!  Monday morning, while Eldest was munching on his piece of toast he exclaimed that he had a “wobbly tooth”!   Once again I endeared the little chap and tapped his front tooth telling him again that it was still not budging! 

“Not that one Mommy!  This one!”

Tapping one of his lower incisors I realised that my ‘baby’did indeed have a wobbly tooth, probably the first little nipper he cut when we were in the UK for Christmas five and a half years ago!  In all honesty I was not prepared to ‘grow up’ this quickly! 

Everybody he met or spoke to was told of his ‘wobbly tooth’ and everyday he insisted on eating an apple in an attempt to dislodge the long-awaited wobbly tooth!  Whether it was the apples or the hotdog he ate for lunch, by yesterday evening my first-born had achieved his next milestone.  His first tooth fell out!  After much deliberation a shoe was selected for the prized tooth to await the arrival of the Tooth Fairy. 

 As he went to bed that night I assumed the role of the Christmas Fairy by placing two chocolate Reindeer in the Advent Calender and tiptoed upstairs to be the Tooth Fairy for my little boy who is growing up whether his mother likes it or not.


One Response to “A Tale Of Two Fairies”

  1. Kit Says:

    Sounds like a lot of responsibility – the duties of two fairies at one! My son now has several wobbly teeth at once, so I’m oging to have to start saving up silver coins in case I get caught short!

    I’ve just been reading a post about kids stopping believing in Father Christmas and it seems the tooth fairy goes with him. Mine have all discovered the sad truth but happily play along with the fantasy. It’s just a shame that Youngest had to be disillusioned at the same time as her big brother – she had such a short time of being allowed to believe it’s all real.
    Enjoy it while it lasts!!

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