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Home James! Or Is It Jane? July 14, 2009

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Hubby, against my wishes, bought our Eldest son his first skateboard at the age of 3 years old.  He came into the house with the glow of a father who had just given the ‘ultimate’ gift to his son.  I must admit that all the fancy toys I have bought, for their educational purposes, toys that were requested on Christmas and Birthday lists, all get played with seldom but a request to go outside to have “a little skate, just a little one Mom”, is a daily occurrence and the thrill has obviously not worn off.

Over the last few months Hubby has been taking Eldest to a a local skateboard park, not that much skateboarding gets done due to our child being as young as he is, but he loves to watch the more experienced skaters.  It was at about this time a few mutterings were made by Hubby that he would like his own skateboard so that he could skate with Eldest instead of standing around doing nothing. 

The surf and skate shops around our area have had blowout sales and it was on one of my ‘hunter gather’ expeditions that I found some skateboards that were discounted! As Hubby’s birthday was in a few months time I decided to buy him the skateboard he was obviously going to buy himself.  That evening he turned the board in his hands and a boyish glint could be seen in his eyes.  I had the glow of a wife who had finally presented her Hubby with an ultimate gift!  He was desperate to get out there and skate, even taking his board out in the empty parking lot at work for a secret session!

Last week Sunday we finally revealed to Eldest that his Dad has his own board and would finally be joining him on the ramps!  Not wanting to interrupt the Father and Son bonding moment I left them to it and took Wee One for a little stroll.  When I returned I found Hubby standing, watching Eldest skate and doing nothing!  As I approached I was met with a grimace of pain clearly displayed on Hubby’s face. 


“I came so left and fell on my arm.  I am sure it’s just muscular because I can move it!”


Mmm.  As the afternoon wore on Hubby’s pain increased and he got paler by the hour.  There was only one thing for it – Emergency Room.

He returned with his arm in a sling and was told that the x-rays would still be reviewed but nothing was obviously broken.  What a relief!  However he still could not put any pressure on the arm and I had a new title to add to my long list of  job descriptions, that of chauffeur!   Yesterday we learnt that there is a fracture and that Hubby needs to keep his arm in a sling for the next three weeks!  So for three weeks I will be doing Hubby’s work run and the kids school run.

On the drive home I heard the following conversation take place between father and son.


“Dad, I’m so sad you hurt your arm.”  sympathised Eldest.


“Don’t worry boy, it won’t be long and it will be fine.” reassured Hubby.


“But Dad, are you not going to skateboard with me anymore?”


“Of course I will!  Once my arm is okay we will go skateboarding again.”


“Thanks Dad, thanks.”


As I turned into our driveway I could only sigh and wonder what lay ahead of me and my extream sportsmen!


3 Responses to “Home James! Or Is It Jane?”

  1. Kit Says:

    My sympathies! How about a padded suit as the next impulse buy.

    Mine have all got skateboards, but as we live on a farm wiht dirt roads unsuited to skating, they are most used in the house. Cue loud rumbling roars as they circuit the living room. They are also very useful to transport dolls house furniture, blocks and all sorts. I’m pleased to say they’ve never seen a skateboard ramp at all. My husband does somethimes wistfully look at the kitesurfers at Blouberg and say he wants to take that up though….

  2. How sweet! Hope your weekend warrior is feeling better soon. My oldest girl also wants a skateboard.

  3. Gill Says:

    Love this post! Men just never grow up and they never seem to develop that natural caution that most woman have! My hubby broke his leg SO badly (think pins, plates, the whole shooting match!) a couple of years ago in a mountain biking accident, but it hasn’t slowed him down in the least – he couldn’t wait to get back on the bike… Everytime he is out riding and the phone rings my heart stops for a little bit.

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