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Party Panic & The Pinata! July 2, 2009

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There is one day in every year that my Eldest son yearns for, this excludes Christmas and Easter, and that is his birthday.  We constantly get asked how old he is and “Four Years Old” has never been good enough, he has always been 4 and a quarter, 4 and a half or 4 and three quarters as the year progressed.

Now most kids get excited about their birthdays and are quite happy for their moms to lay a table of sweets and get on with it but my son plans his birthday literally a year in advance!  After his fourth birthday I was informed what the theme of his fifth birthday would be – the boy didn’t waiver on that and as this particular Superhero is seen as ‘unpopular’ at the moment finding party themed material became impossible!  The real humdinger of a request was that this year he wanted a Pinata – and not just any Pinata – it had to be his Superhero of choice.

Thank goodness for the Internet as this very important ‘guest’ was ordered in Gauteng, who arrived 2 weeks before the big day and for his safe keeping our Superhero Pinata slept in my bedroom out of my overexcited sons reach!

The day of the party finally arrived – I managed to paint signage, find colour co-ordinated balloons, book the jumping castle, shuddered as almost every child we invited was going to attend – all 32 of them including the addition of their siblings and the weather was good!

My Eldest was ecstatic but the excitement only increased when it was time to ‘smack’ the pinata!  My main concern was that none of our party guests would become an additional pinata – so I made sure the children were lined up a safe distance away from the child with the stick!  When our Superhero finally succumbed to his fate, the children dropped to their knees with glee as it ‘rained’ sweets and treats, the mothers looked on glumly knowing that the rest of Saturday afternoon would be sugar induced mayhem, the fathers knew that they would have to corker for a pinata at their kids next birthday and I sadly picked up our fallen ‘Superhero’.

I had grown quite fond of the paper mache little chap.


4 Responses to “Party Panic & The Pinata!”

  1. My oldest wants a Barbie pinata, which I have to admit has conceptual appeal. But I’m generally with the other parents and sigh when my kids go to parties with pinatas. Fun for the kids though!

  2. Kit Says:

    32 kids – wow it must have been mayhem! I remember the stress of pinatas from one once long ago, but luckily they have been replaced by treasure hunts in our family tradition. Now I just have the stress of thinking up new treasure hunts three times a year. We had a 9th birthday yesterday – just need to recover enough to write it up for my blog!

  3. natalian Says:

    HPH: Agreed! Giving Barbie a good ‘thwack’ has masses of conceptual appeal!

    Kit: I know how you are feeling, it has taken me nearly two weeks to write about this party!

  4. Pete Says:

    Well done on organising a pinata and I can see the mixed feelings about all that sugar. But sounds like your son and the kids had a blast. So what’s the next theme (when you’ve recovered from this one)?

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