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Soccer Mom, I Am! June 10, 2009

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I am slowly coming to terms with an additional role to my already bulging portfolio of “Mom”, I have entered the realm of “frantically rushing from school to afternoon sport activities” and therefore “Soccer Mom,  I Am”.

I got a taste of it last term when I decided that extra effort had to be given to my Eldest to become swim safe, I also think that being the only boy to splash in the pool wearing armbands at a class party can be pretty damning to an already sensitive little ego.  So for 2 months, twice a week, I would throw Wee One and packed lunches in the car, make a mad dash to the school to pick up Eldest , throw the packed lunches on their laps and hit the freeway to attend the swim school of a highly recommended teacher.  For 15 minutes I would try and keep Wee One from drowning himself  while cheering Eldests swim efforts.  It paid off, by Eldests last lesson he could finally swim and his water phobia was put to rest. 

This term has snowballed into something a little bigger.  Eldest expressed an interest in Karate , as I thought this would be a good confidence builder I went about to choose a Karate style and Sensei that would foster that in him, unfortunately it was not the Karate offered at the school and once again I hit the road every Monday.  Then, just to add to my chaos, Eldest wanted to play soccer and so Wednesday’s  have became another mad dash with packed lunches.   In between Monday and Wednesday he also participates in a club activity after school, so every Tuesday I have to occupy Wee One for an hour before picking up his brother, getting home and putting him down for his afternoon nap!

I am so glad tomorrow is Thursday!  In fact I may have an afternoon nap myself!


4 Responses to “Soccer Mom, I Am!”

  1. I feel your pain. With three children it becomes exponentially more exhausting. Luckily, the Burg is small and we can walk everywhere, but still the management, the organisation, the energy it all takes is draining.

  2. Yes I dread kicking off the madness next year…

  3. Gill Says:

    Sounds like you will be needing that nap! Being a mom is a full time job isn’t it!

  4. Pete Says:

    OMG, I struggle with just a dog. This would drive me (literally) around the bend. But you sound pretty good at it. I’m getting an image of those soccer moms on the Amazing Race but I’m guessing from your blog that you’re way cooler than that 😉

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