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“Nigella” And The Rye… May 12, 2009

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In my dream world I would love to have the cooking skills of Nigella Lawson.  Firstly, she is left alone in her kitchen without interruption unlike myself who, while chopping vegetables, is trying to prevent Wee One from getting hold of the bread knife by keeping the cutlery drawer closed with my hip !  Secondly, the woman always has the ingredients needed to cook her masterpieces!  Honestly!  Have you watched her cooking show?  Right down to the ready made vanilla sugar and pancake mix!  Forward planning is not my forte and so I tend to substitute, which I can justify by saying that my cooking ‘evolves’ till it arrives at the dinner table.  Thirdly, she puts it all together so effortlessly whereas I tend to chase the egg yolk around the counter and my kitchen floor looks like some form of abstract art!  Fourthly, (and the list could go on), have any of you seen Nigella wash a dish? ….  Exactly! 

Since entering the career of Wife, Housekeeper, Cook , Mother, Nanny and Laundromat I have become embarrassing with the meals I literally throw together in between the mayhem.  I have become the queen of  ‘one pot cooking’ , so simple and less dishes.  My other new found friend in the kitchen is something called a slow cooker. For once my stews are edible!  I know my tools, I know the product and together we produce somewhat nutritious dinners for the family…. until Monday.

Hubby went on a wee shopping spree at the local health shop and came back bearing gifts!   Yes, a gift for me, and no it was not essential oils, Bach Rescue Remedy or some organic soap, it was pasta and not the type ‘Mama’ is used to cooking with!  We were presented with rice pasta twists and rye macaroni. Mmm.

The rice pasta twists didn’t scare me one jot, it looked like any other no name branded pasta you would find at your local supermarket but the rye macaroni had me stumped.  It was shaped like macaroni but it was a dark brown colour and somehow brown mac and cheese just didn’t do it for me.  I needed time and definitely forward planning to attempt the new visitor in my kitchen.

This afternoon, while the kids napped, I went to work, chopping veggies, frying mince, making pasta sauce and cheese sauce, layered the lot, sprinkled with mozzarella cheese and bunged it in the oven.  I produced my rye pasta bake with flair and held my breath as my harshest critic held his plastic lime green spoon in his hand.  Eldest, all of nearly 5 years old, slowly went to work and only managed to extract one tiny piece of onion, the rest of the veggies went unnoticed and I was rewarded with a clean plate!

As I washed up my last dish this evening I must admit I felt a bit of a “Nigella”……


4 Responses to ““Nigella” And The Rye…”

  1. Well done – if you have a slow cooker, you can make a very easy coq au vin. Just throw in chicken, half a bottle of wine, some token mushrooms and onion (small frozen ones work well) and a package of French onion soup mix. Cook on low for 5-6 hours.

  2. Kit Says:

    Brilliant – I also feel it’s an achievement to have got some vegetables down my eldest who is 11 now. The only way he’ll eat them is in shepherds pie and I doubt I’d have been able to convince him to eat rye pasta!

    I have yet to discover the slow cooker – it sounds like time I got one – for winter no effort stews. My only problem would be remembering to put it on in time – we’d be eating a midnight!

  3. Pete Says:

    Natalian, you domestic goddess! Reading this at supper time and it’s making me very hungry. Very true about Nigella and washing dishes, although I’m sure if she did wash up, she’d manage to make it look both sexy and stylish!

  4. Gill Says:

    I would enjoy cooking so much more if I didn’t have to do it every day…. it becomes so boring, such a chore! I bought a slow cooker towards the end of last Winter and only used it once or twice, but I think it is time it came out of hiding, I really want to try to use it more this Winter.

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