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Around The World in 80 Clicks – The Enjoyment of Motherhood. May 9, 2009

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As Mothers Day is approaching, I felt it was apt to attempt the meme I was tagged to do by Kit.  It was initiated by Catherine of Her Bad Mother and her friend David to find out if mothers around the world have similar or different perspectives when it comes to raising children.  So the challenge is to list 5 things one enjoys about motherhood and then tag 5 different mothers to do the same. 

Five things I enjoy about Motherhood: –

  1. Experiencing all the ‘firsts’ of  my children.  The first butterfly they see, the first time they enjoy the beach and their faces when they taste chocolate or lemons for the first time!
  2. Experiencing my heart.  Feeling my heart soar when they achieve another milestone, from their first steps to the first time they can ride a bike without training wheels and feeling my heart break at their lows and disappointments.
  3. Hugging  them when they have just woken up from sleep – all warm, soft and cuddly!
  4. Hearing their philosophy on life, like Eldest informing me that he will not be having children because they are just too difficult!
  5. Wild laughter, chuckles and giggles!

As my little blogosphere is minute – I have only one mother who I can tag to do this meme and that is Honeypiehorse who I know will do this justice!  If you comment on the original post you will be included in the roundup here.

Eldest came home on Friday bearing the gift he had been secretly making me all week at school – a delightful ‘crazy clay’ pot – in Spiderman colours – to put my rings in.  It’s lumpy, the colours are bright but I love it!  Just another reason to enjoy motherhood!


2 Responses to “Around The World in 80 Clicks – The Enjoyment of Motherhood.”

  1. Kit Says:

    Perfect timing for doing this meme! The wild laughter and as they get older, penchant for enjoying terrible jokes and making up their own even worse ones, is another thing I could have added to my own list! How dull life would be without excruciating knock knock jokes, and Humpty Dumpty ending up as scrambled eggs again!

  2. natalian Says:

    Kit: That is so true! Eldest has just started with making up his own jokes! His favourite is “Why did the chicken cross the road..” and he has branched out to ” Why did the monster/Spiderman cross the road…” with very strange catch lines! Regardless how ridiculous they are I find myself laughing with him anyway!

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