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Yes I’m back! From Outta Space! May 7, 2009

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Well not quite, but if feels like I have been far away for a long period of time!  It was with a twinge of sadness that I  left the shores of the Eastern Cape to return to the shores of the East Coast.

This trip however was not without a touch of drama! Try… missing the only flight out of Durban to Port Elizabeth on the day of your expected departure! For once it was not due to procrastination or tardiness but basic human error on the part of Hubby – he read our car hire information and mistook it for our flight time! The look of absolute disbelief on his face, when we approached the flight desk and were told that the flight had already departed, I will never forget!
So there we stood, 2 huge bags, 1 camp cot, 1 set of golf clubs and no flight! Eldest was in tears and Wee One didn’t have a 18 month old clue!  While Hubby tried to book us on the next flight, the next day, I took the boys to the sweet shop as the situation called for chocolate even if it was only 8:30 in the morning.  Unfortunately, chocolate was not going to do it for Hubby who spent the rest of the day starring into the nothingness and shaking his head, reliving the moment over and over again.  You have to understand the man is a Virgo, perfectionist and financial accountant, missing a flight due to personal oversight and then still having to pay for the pleasure, shook him to his core!

So we repeated the same procedure the next morning, just an hour earlier.  As we offloaded our luggage to make our way to the Departure Hall, Eldest insisted on holding my hand and pray that we would make our flight.  So I take it a lesson was learnt by all, Hubby realised that even he can make mistakes, Eldest learnt that his parents are not perfect and can make mistakes and I learnt that it  feels much better when you are not the one who made the mistake!

We had days on the beach…

Beach Days


Touched Cheetah’s…Cheetah Day


Held Lion Cubs…Lion Cub


Saw Rehabilitated Penguins…Penguin Rehab Centre


And this cool lighthouse!Cape St Francis


I wish I had taken a picture of Ouma’s (Grandmother’s) Banana Bread/Loaf but it was everyone for themselves and I would have lost out on my slice!  Delish!

I have many blogs to catch up on and I see that I have been tagged by Kit to do a bit about motherhood…. which may require a little bit more time for me to focus on it.  Right now I have lunches to make and another load of laundry to do!  So, will be back soon with a bit on my five points regarding the enjoyment of motherhood although I must admit some days I think I fail miserably at the task!


2 Responses to “Yes I’m back! From Outta Space!”

  1. Kit Says:

    As a fellow Virgo I totally sympathise with your husband…. I mean Virgo’s are always right, and to fall victim to human error so dramatically must have been a blow!

    Glad you had a good time and looking forward to reading your bit about motherhood when things have calmed down!

  2. Oh, no! That happened to us once too where we didn’t notice that the connecting flight was actually the next day. Some airlines will refund your money though. Sounds like it was wonderful anyway. Looking forward to your motherhood post.

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