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A Year Of Rants, Raves and Everything Else! May 28, 2009

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Dear Blog!

My dear friend it has been a full year since we became acquainted.  You have been there to hear my moans and groans, my rants and raves and waited patiently for me to visit you when for weeks I neglected you.  It’s not you, it’s me you understand?  I need to feel creative and inspired to write and that unfortunately seems to elude me during times of stress and worry …. which I blame my star signs for!  That’s what you get when you have your feet in both camps, one foot in Virgo and the other in Libra. (I have to put the blame somewhere, after all I am perfect!) ; )

Luckily, we have made a few friends during this past year and they pop in every now and then to keep you company, unfortunately many seem to be seeking the medicinal properties of parsley tea which I didn’t write too favourably about here

This year we were introduced to something called a meme, I think we did pretty alright here for our first attempt. Most posts were written with a huge amount of sleep deprivation which did cause us a certain amount of embarrassment here and you love me even though I will never look like a supermodel which I lamented about here , you have at least allowed me to laugh at myself!

So Blog darling, here’s to another year!  Blog and I would like to thank Charlotte, Honeypiehorse, Lizzy, Pete, Kit and Gill for  reading and commenting, its been fabulous getting to know you all!  Like I need an excuse, I’ll be popping the bubbly and raising my glass to more rants, raves and everything else!  (Even if it is written with very poor grammar!)


“Nigella” And The Rye… May 12, 2009

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In my dream world I would love to have the cooking skills of Nigella Lawson.  Firstly, she is left alone in her kitchen without interruption unlike myself who, while chopping vegetables, is trying to prevent Wee One from getting hold of the bread knife by keeping the cutlery drawer closed with my hip !  Secondly, the woman always has the ingredients needed to cook her masterpieces!  Honestly!  Have you watched her cooking show?  Right down to the ready made vanilla sugar and pancake mix!  Forward planning is not my forte and so I tend to substitute, which I can justify by saying that my cooking ‘evolves’ till it arrives at the dinner table.  Thirdly, she puts it all together so effortlessly whereas I tend to chase the egg yolk around the counter and my kitchen floor looks like some form of abstract art!  Fourthly, (and the list could go on), have any of you seen Nigella wash a dish? ….  Exactly! 

Since entering the career of Wife, Housekeeper, Cook , Mother, Nanny and Laundromat I have become embarrassing with the meals I literally throw together in between the mayhem.  I have become the queen of  ‘one pot cooking’ , so simple and less dishes.  My other new found friend in the kitchen is something called a slow cooker. For once my stews are edible!  I know my tools, I know the product and together we produce somewhat nutritious dinners for the family…. until Monday.

Hubby went on a wee shopping spree at the local health shop and came back bearing gifts!   Yes, a gift for me, and no it was not essential oils, Bach Rescue Remedy or some organic soap, it was pasta and not the type ‘Mama’ is used to cooking with!  We were presented with rice pasta twists and rye macaroni. Mmm.

The rice pasta twists didn’t scare me one jot, it looked like any other no name branded pasta you would find at your local supermarket but the rye macaroni had me stumped.  It was shaped like macaroni but it was a dark brown colour and somehow brown mac and cheese just didn’t do it for me.  I needed time and definitely forward planning to attempt the new visitor in my kitchen.

This afternoon, while the kids napped, I went to work, chopping veggies, frying mince, making pasta sauce and cheese sauce, layered the lot, sprinkled with mozzarella cheese and bunged it in the oven.  I produced my rye pasta bake with flair and held my breath as my harshest critic held his plastic lime green spoon in his hand.  Eldest, all of nearly 5 years old, slowly went to work and only managed to extract one tiny piece of onion, the rest of the veggies went unnoticed and I was rewarded with a clean plate!

As I washed up my last dish this evening I must admit I felt a bit of a “Nigella”……


Around The World in 80 Clicks – The Enjoyment of Motherhood. May 9, 2009

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As Mothers Day is approaching, I felt it was apt to attempt the meme I was tagged to do by Kit.  It was initiated by Catherine of Her Bad Mother and her friend David to find out if mothers around the world have similar or different perspectives when it comes to raising children.  So the challenge is to list 5 things one enjoys about motherhood and then tag 5 different mothers to do the same. 

Five things I enjoy about Motherhood: –

  1. Experiencing all the ‘firsts’ of  my children.  The first butterfly they see, the first time they enjoy the beach and their faces when they taste chocolate or lemons for the first time!
  2. Experiencing my heart.  Feeling my heart soar when they achieve another milestone, from their first steps to the first time they can ride a bike without training wheels and feeling my heart break at their lows and disappointments.
  3. Hugging  them when they have just woken up from sleep – all warm, soft and cuddly!
  4. Hearing their philosophy on life, like Eldest informing me that he will not be having children because they are just too difficult!
  5. Wild laughter, chuckles and giggles!

As my little blogosphere is minute – I have only one mother who I can tag to do this meme and that is Honeypiehorse who I know will do this justice!  If you comment on the original post you will be included in the roundup here.

Eldest came home on Friday bearing the gift he had been secretly making me all week at school – a delightful ‘crazy clay’ pot – in Spiderman colours – to put my rings in.  It’s lumpy, the colours are bright but I love it!  Just another reason to enjoy motherhood!


Yes I’m back! From Outta Space! May 7, 2009

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Well not quite, but if feels like I have been far away for a long period of time!  It was with a twinge of sadness that I  left the shores of the Eastern Cape to return to the shores of the East Coast.

This trip however was not without a touch of drama! Try… missing the only flight out of Durban to Port Elizabeth on the day of your expected departure! For once it was not due to procrastination or tardiness but basic human error on the part of Hubby – he read our car hire information and mistook it for our flight time! The look of absolute disbelief on his face, when we approached the flight desk and were told that the flight had already departed, I will never forget!
So there we stood, 2 huge bags, 1 camp cot, 1 set of golf clubs and no flight! Eldest was in tears and Wee One didn’t have a 18 month old clue!  While Hubby tried to book us on the next flight, the next day, I took the boys to the sweet shop as the situation called for chocolate even if it was only 8:30 in the morning.  Unfortunately, chocolate was not going to do it for Hubby who spent the rest of the day starring into the nothingness and shaking his head, reliving the moment over and over again.  You have to understand the man is a Virgo, perfectionist and financial accountant, missing a flight due to personal oversight and then still having to pay for the pleasure, shook him to his core!

So we repeated the same procedure the next morning, just an hour earlier.  As we offloaded our luggage to make our way to the Departure Hall, Eldest insisted on holding my hand and pray that we would make our flight.  So I take it a lesson was learnt by all, Hubby realised that even he can make mistakes, Eldest learnt that his parents are not perfect and can make mistakes and I learnt that it  feels much better when you are not the one who made the mistake!

We had days on the beach…

Beach Days


Touched Cheetah’s…Cheetah Day


Held Lion Cubs…Lion Cub


Saw Rehabilitated Penguins…Penguin Rehab Centre


And this cool lighthouse!Cape St Francis


I wish I had taken a picture of Ouma’s (Grandmother’s) Banana Bread/Loaf but it was everyone for themselves and I would have lost out on my slice!  Delish!

I have many blogs to catch up on and I see that I have been tagged by Kit to do a bit about motherhood…. which may require a little bit more time for me to focus on it.  Right now I have lunches to make and another load of laundry to do!  So, will be back soon with a bit on my five points regarding the enjoyment of motherhood although I must admit some days I think I fail miserably at the task!