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A case of the “Blah”! April 19, 2009

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I honestly thought that when I tried to post today my “WordPress Account” would flash up an error message. Something like … “Who are you?” “Your Account has been frozen” “Your Blog has left you for another…”  I am literally clawing back onto my keyboard and I have to ask myself why I have been so …. flat?  It is the case of the “Blah” – too much has been occupying my mental space which has seriously stifled any attempts to get creative and write!

It has been a busy time, I had a tiny skin cancer scare – “Out damned spot…” was a thought that came to mind!  So off  I went to a Dermotologist thinking he was just going to look at the spot on my back and give me the yey or the nay, instead I was told to strip down to my knickers!!!  I was a wee bit taken aback I must admit…

“It’s just a spot on my back!” I exclaimed.

“Well you are here now, lets just check you out as I can see by the texture of your skin you are a high risk candidate.”

Feeling very vulnerable lying under a magnifying glass in my undies, I was searched and relieved when he gave me the good news that every spot on my body was healthy!  Yay!  That was a load off my mind!  The bill that arrived a week later was not so pretty.  However health before wealth and so we focus on the positive things that lie before us!

This week  I have two major events to focus on: –

  • 22 April 2009 – Voting Day.  I must say following the election campaign has at times been depressing with ridiculous statements being made by all parties concerned…. I am not sure which movie it is from but I always hear the actor Jack Nicholson’s voice, “Little people, why can’t we all just get along?”  So on Wednesday I will be hitting the queues with my bar coded Identity Document and making my mark once again.  I also pray that all South Africans respect each others democratic right to vote and that the political violence that has sparked up here and there will be contained.


  • The next event will hopefully lift my spirits and cure me of the dreaded “Blah”!  I am going here: –



My annual trip to the Eastern Cape, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa.

There are may gems in South Africa, and shamefully there are many I still have not seen, but I love the coastline from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.  My boys will be visiting their Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  Their Great Grandmother is known as “Ouma”, which is Afrikaans for grandmother, and she is already anticipating our arrival by baking our favourite ginger biscuits!  Hubby has spent many a childhood holiday in this amazing little town and it has found a special place in my heart.  As we take the third generation of our family to Jeffrey’s Bay we hope that it will also hold fond memories for them too!

So it is time to start packing  for my dear family, clothes for all seasons, SPF 40+ for all my spots and hopefully I can leave my “Blah” on the white sands of the Eastern Cape shores.


4 Responses to “A case of the “Blah”!”

  1. Oh, how beautiful! And now that you’re initiated, you should let the doctor see your skin once a year like clockwork.

  2. Kit Says:

    Hope the blogblahs vanish with those beautiful beaches!

  3. couchtrip Says:

    On the off-chance that this isn’t filed under Spam, I want to wish you a very happy holiday! J-Bay sounds like just the place to lose those Blahs. I think an overdose of JZ is giving a lot of us the collective Blahs! Yay re the skin all-clear and say hi to Ouma.

  4. Natalian Says:

    Honeypiehorse: Will do! It was a bit of a wake up call.

    Kit: It is beautiful down there and I hope that armed with a few good books, good wine and my sketch pad, I’ll banish the “Blah’s”!

    Pete aka “Couchtrip”: Thank you. There has been such JZ Drama leading up to Voting Day! I am at the point of – “lets just get it over with”!

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