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Hop Hop Hop!!! April 4, 2009

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Our schools have closed for the Easter Holidays but not before they filled our children’s little minds with hopping Easter Bunnies and chocolate eggs!  We have been sent home Easter masks, baskets and other arts and crafts just to ensure that the Easter spirit does not wane in our household!

Every night, for the past two weeks as I kissed my Eldest goodnight, he would try to engage me in another one of his sneaky schemes to ‘trick’ the Easter Bunny!  Every now and then he has a surge of excitement that tonight is the magical night when the Easter Bunny will make his appearance and we have to dash his hopes by informing him that the Easter Bunny is still very busy making chocolate eggs for the boys and girls of the world.

It was with this realisation that I, mother of the household aka Father Christmas and my current future role of Easter Bunny had to dash off to the shops to stock up on our Easter eggs, rather today than next Saturday!  So, as I type, my little secret stash of chocolate eggs is safely hidden away, the pressure is off!  Or is it?

My sons have inherited a most hideous gene called an ‘early riser’ from my husbands double helix!  Thankfully,  Hubby pays for his sins and gets up with the team at the unearthly hour of 5:30am allowing moi an extra hour of ‘zuzz’ time before the smell of java pulls me from my slumber.  However, this year I have to break the pattern and awaken with the sparrows as I ‘hop’ around the garden, in a half asleep state,  finding good hiding places for the precious choccie eggs!  I have heard that some Easter Bunnies hide their eggs before they go to sleep at night but unfortunately for me this is not an option due to a troop of monkeys that use our garden as part of their morning stroll!  Can you imagine the drama?  Monkeys whooping with joy as they swoop down from the trees, collecting the chocolate eggs, ripping them open and gorging themselves leaving my boys to wake up to a multicoloured lawn of just shiny papers?  An Easter nightmare!

So next Sunday morning, while you are all tucked up in bed, think of those who will be up at the crack of dawn keeping dream of the Easter Bunny and his chocolate eggs alive!


5 Responses to “Hop Hop Hop!!!”

  1. Kit Says:

    Father Christmas has his cover blown last year by some more switched on kids, but our kids all seem keen to keep him and the Easter Bunny alive and well. So I’ll be hopping arund the garden bright and early too. The Easter Bunny visits all four houses on our farm, so tehre is an orgy of following his trail with a big basket in hand, hopefully before the dogs have made themselves sick by finding them first.

  2. I don’t even know what to say to the thought of monkeys swooping down into my garden.

  3. natalian Says:

    Kit: Yey! Easter Bunnies of the world unite! Mmm, Eldest also came home with “Matt says there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny.” To which I replied: “Oh what a shame, because only children that believe in the Easter Bunny get to hunt for eggs!” Good grief, kids are growing up fast these days!

    HPH: It’s not all Tarzan of the jungle I promise – the Ververt Monkey lives in suburbia and survives on unsuspecting homeowners who leave their windows open! Nothing is more infuriating than walking into your kitchen, finding your bread, fruit and anything else been eaten in a rather messy fashion and you are left to clean the mess! Coming from Cape Town to KwaZulu-Natal my first monkey sighting was exciting, now that I’m local the novalty as worn off!

  4. Pete Says:

    This really made me the smile – the swooping monkeys, the dawn-riser Easter Bunny (you) and the thought that P and I should do this at Betty’s Bay. While she’s tucked up in bed I will don my bunny ears and sneak into the wild garden.

  5. natalian Says:

    Pete: That sounds like a fabulous idea! Don’t forget your tail! ; )

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