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One Hour. One World. March 24, 2009

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I have really been trying to do my bit for planet earth but my kitchen looks like a landfill site and it is all my fault.  Since the beginning of the year I have had a huge attack of green consciousness and so every “tetra pak”, plastic, glass and cardboard item that I come across is been washed and stored in the corner of my kitchen counter – well no longer the corner – more like the whole counter!  My trips to the recycling bins are not frequent enough so it won’t be long and clutter phobic Hubby will start grumbling for sure! 

I am also very excited to be participating  in Earth Hour, which will be held this Saturday, 28 March, 2009 at 8:30pm.  People all the across the globe will be switching off their lights for exactly one hour in a global fight against climate change.  I think it is a fabulous concept!   Read more about it here

As the children will be in bed, I think I will relax on my veranda with a glass of the finest fermented grape and enjoy the silence.  How will you spend your Earth Hour?


3 Responses to “One Hour. One World.”

  1. Good for you! We’re in!

  2. Pete Says:

    Yes, we managed most of the hour. It was pretty cool and we managed fine with candles. Typically, the usually energy-conscious parent decided to be difficult. “I always turn lights off so I don’t see why I have to now! This is ridiculous!” and words to that effect. P and I were so tired at 9.30 that we just went to bed rather than switch on the lights. Hope you enjoyed the silence.

  3. Kit Says:

    We enjoyed it too – but the children insisted on staying up – didn’t want to miss out on the fun of candle-light.

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