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To Sink Or Swim March 19, 2009

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My Eldest son, from the age of 3, has expressed a deep need to skateboard and surf.  Now before you start thinking that he is trying to emulate his father let me just correct you on the offset, the last time Hubby took to the waves was when he was 15 years old! 

I like to encourage my kids to do what they express an interest in, although I must admit to watch my then 3 year old start skateboarding was a little taxing on my nerves and I left Hubby to control that department while I implemented the health and safety aspect by making him wear his  helmet and every knee and elbow pad!  I was defiantly told off by Eldest as he informed me that he was a ‘professional’ and that ‘professionals’ don’t wear helmets and protective padding!  To which I replied, “No helmet, no skateboard.”   Simple as that!

He is now nearly 5 years old and I must say due to his own determination and few ‘wipe outs’ he has managed to stay more on his board than off it!

Our next problem was his desire to start surfing.  As much as Eldest wanted to surf he was extremely phobic about putting his face in any type of water or getting his hair wet, this impacted any form of swimming lessons I tried to take him to, made hair washing an absolute nightmare, and therefore hindered his dream of surfing.  I kept feeling anxious that I had a child who was not water safe and had not learnt this essential life skill!  So I was ecstatic when I was able to get limited lessons with a swimming teacher who is known to get little people with water phobias to swim.  Although she felt the time may not be enough for Eldest I decided that something was better than nothing!  With her phenomenal personality and gentle yet firm approach she had Eldest ‘swimming’ with no floatation devices and with his face, hair and ears all in the water by the second lesson!  I could have wept!  As much as I give this fantastic swim teacher her dues, I am also extremely proud of Eldest, who was determined to overcome his fear so he could start learning  how to surf. 

I know that there are many more milestones that lie ahead of us but I am really glad I can tick this one off my list!


2 Responses to “To Sink Or Swim”

  1. Actually professionals do wear protective gear – it’s the amatures that don’t. As in ‘a – mature’, or ‘not mature’. 😉 My kids also still have yet to stick their faces under water, even my oldest who is 5 and a half.

  2. natalian Says:

    HPH: If I had my way I would have wrapped him in cotton wool! There is a huge emphasis on children being water safe here in Durban. At first, I couldn’t figure out why my child had to swim at such an early age but I think it is due to our climate here and that many homes have pools. We went to a birthday party a while back for a 5yr old and everybody was swimming, my little guy was the only one wearing armbands! His friends were ‘amazed’ that he was still wearing them and told him that they were for babies. My heart broke.

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