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When Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do. February 19, 2009

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Many South Africans seem to be searching for their Utopian Dream.  A place where garden lasers and security systems don’t have to be switched on before turning off the lights and they can sleep without worry.  A place where they feel their children have a future and they can grow old.  The crime statistics here in South Africa are high, our current government are starting to show cracks as the old order retire and the new ‘cadre’s’ start taking control.  There are too many instances of fund mismanagement and corruption is starting to seep from under the parliamentary doors.  Many question where this will leave us in the years to come and many like to predict a future very much like Zimbabwe’s.

It is with this in mind that the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, amoung other countries,  are seen as their salvation. 

Today I have a heavy heart.  This weekend I am to attend a farewell party of a close friend who has made the decision to immigrate. This is not like the 1990’s when many of  our friends were going overseas for work experience, where we knew that they would return at least once a year for a holiday and eventually they would return home… maybe?  This farewell party is just that, a finale to having the pleasure of a friends reachable company.  No more long phone calls, late Friday glasses of wine, dinners out and birthday parties. 

How do you conduct yourself at a farewell party?  Smile? Cry? Pretend it’s just like any other party and go into denial?

Either way I think waterproof mascara may be in order.


4 Responses to “When Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do.”

  1. How sad for you. I’m sorry that your friends are leaving. The only thing I can say, as someone who immigrated, albeit by mistake, is that the friendships that matter, stay.

  2. That is sad. It’s so hard to lose people who are part of your lives. I think crying is nice – one of my friends cried when we moved back to Germany and I was really touched.

  3. Pete Says:

    Thank God for email and blogging (and Skype apparently). I know it’s not the same as having your friend stay on in SA but I think Charlotte is right about friendships that last. As for the new cadres, I really hope they are a passing phase.

  4. […] — natalian @ 6:41 am Tags: family, Immigation It is almost a year ago that I had to say goodbye to a very dear friend of mine as she and her family departed for Australia, now I have to do this […]

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