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Love is …. Chocolate For Breakfast! February 13, 2009

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Remember being a teenager with your first crush?   I remember mine well.  A short, baby-faced boy named Robert who played the male lead role in all my daydreams and was the main reason I went to school that year.  Like any other teenager Robert was fighting the same hormonal cocktail we all were, oily hair and  pimples that seemed to invade your face for space overnight!  Now, if another boy, who I did not have this ‘ soul connection’ with, tried to make a move on me I would have shot him down immediately for the same things I was willing to overlook in my precious love, Robert. 

Looking back, I wish I could have taught the ‘young me’ some of  the lessons I have learnt regarding love. 

Firstly, I should always respect myself first, knowing how to look after me would ensure that I would never accept anything less from anybody else.

Secondly, if I was willing to accept the shortcomings of my significant other then I had to learn to accept mine. 

Thirdly, I needed to stop looking to others to make me feel loved and validated, only I could validate myself and by doing so would be able to love others without emotional dependency.

Lastly, your first kiss is never as good as the one you fantasized about!

So this Valentines Day, I am not going to be a slave to the card trade, I will not wait for Hubby to arrive home bearing roses, (he never does, but boy would he score brownie points if he just brought home some Lindt truffles now and then!), but  I am going to love my little family the same way I do everyday …  except we may have chocolate for breakfast!




4 Responses to “Love is …. Chocolate For Breakfast!”

  1. Lovely.
    But the whole point of being a teen is that you don’t know ANY of these things.
    Chocolate for breakfast is an inspired idea.

  2. I wish you chocolate for breakfast and lots of love!

  3. lvmg (Lizzy) Says:

    The last time I was in Honduras I passed on the chance of meeting my number one crush. It’s been twenty years, he’s got three kids and his wife had just left him. I’d rather keep the image I have of him intact, unchanged by life, because I think a little part of me would die, the one that would take the long way home just to cross his path.

    Lovely post, Natalian. Thank you for making me smile and happy Valentine’s to you!

  4. natalian Says:

    Laura/Honeypiehorse: Indeed we are not meant to have the wisdom age gives us during our teen years – and even if we did would we really listen?

    Charlotte: It was chocolate for breakfast! I have a sneaky suspicion that Hubby reads my blog on the sly, as I was presented with Lindt in bed with coffee! Sigh!

    Lizzy: I agree that somethings need to be kept where we left them. Thank you for your lovely comment.

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