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How Gullible Do You Think I Am? February 6, 2009

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I apologise in advance for this trivial post about an item which is probably not acceptable to talk about.  I am always interested in how products are marketed to the consumer and as we all know Christmas is the launchpad for new and fantastic products that we all just have to have!

During last years festive season, while doing my LAST Christmas shop till the New Year, I came across “Christmas Toilet Paper – Infused with the scent of Cranberries”.  I kid you not!  It is amazing how suddenly we all seem to have to smell berries, cinnamon and pine during the month of December.  I looked briefly and thought it had gold print on the ‘festive roll’ and then glanced at the price! Mmm, about R25 more than my normal brand, no thanks, I’ll stick to basic white!  Somehow I didn’t feel the need to be that festive in my bathroom.  Shaking my head I pushed on through the masses chuckling to myself!  Festive Loo Paper indeed!

In January, any unsold Christmas goodies get marked down as they try and convince us that we really do need to carry on eating Christmas Mince Pies and Candy Canes till Easter, as if we haven’t had enough!  Wheeling my shopping cart down the aisle I was ‘amazed’ (note my sarcasm), that the Festive Toilet Rolls were on special – even cheaper than my usual brand and as we are all well aware of the credit crunch, a bargain is a bargain!

What a bloody disappointment!  Firstly, on closer inspection the ‘gold print’ is only on the packaging, it really is the retailers normal brand of toilet paper.  Secondly, the “Infused Cranberries” is the scented cardboard tube on which the basic white 2 ply is wound!  The only way you can catch a whiff of the ‘festive berry scent’ is if you are really desperate, pull the roll off your toilet roll holder and give  it a good sniff!

Thankfully, I didn’t purchase this ‘festivity’ at it’s overinflated price but it still makes me wonder how gullible retailers think we are!


3 Responses to “How Gullible Do You Think I Am?”

  1. Well, just to be devil’s advocate here, do you really want to wipe with gold foil? Probably just as well it’s only on the packaging.

  2. Natalian Says:

    Mmm, valid point, but I thought at the original retail price it had to be justified somewhere!

  3. Emily Says:

    i was going to say just what honeypiehorse said!

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