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Imparting 10 Things I Know… February 2, 2009

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I have been tagged by Charlotte  to impart some of my aphorisms under the heading 10 Things I Know.  To impart some of my life wisdom in just a few words could prove difficult for me, but here it goes in 10.

  1. Sleep Deprivation will render you useless and short tempered.
  2. A woman is the corner stone of her home, if she crumbles so does everyone else.
  3. Husbands and wives need to put each others needs  first – if we did that we would have nothing to complain about.
  4. Age is a number, keep your soul young!
  5. To be comfortable in your own skin you need to stay true to yourself .
  6. Spend time with yourself.
  7. Connect with people who make you truly laugh – its uplifting.
  8. Speak your mind but be willing to take the criticism that may follow.
  9. Be open to always learn from others.
  10. Putting your pride aside and being humble can give you a whole new perspective on a situation.

Mission, um…, tag completed!


4 Responses to “Imparting 10 Things I Know…”

  1. Pete Says:

    Very good advice. I especially liked 2, 4, 5, 7 & 10. I also like the way there are whole stories hinted at behind these points. Worried about that sleep deprivation though 😉

  2. I agree about the sleep deprivation – in the six months when Ollie didn’t sleep, I turned into a raging beast. Literally, screaming and throwing things, which is not usually my style.

    As for laughter, and spending time alone, I agree! Absolutely essential.

  3. Good list. #8 is particularly wise.

  4. natalian Says:

    Pete: Indeed there are stories hinted at behind these points. Each point resulting from a life lesson I had to learn. Anyway, no time or red wine to get into all that! As for the sleep deprivation, Wee One’s tooth is nearly out and hopefully I will find my inner balance soon!

    Charlotte: Those points that you have highlighted are very important to me. My ‘alone’ time is especially precious! Thanks for the tag!

    Laura (aka Honeypiehorse): As an outspoken person it is a lesson that took me a while to learn!

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