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Headaches, Kidneys and Parsley Tea January 11, 2009

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Okay, the gods must be seriously pissed at me or I have invited some really bad karma into my life!  What more must I put up with?  What?!?  Must I crawl around my house seven times and weep?  Should I walk around my house with burning sage and try banishing all ills?  Maybe I should try space clearing where one is encouraged to clap ones hands or ring a bell in the corners of your house to move dead energy.  Could it be this dead energy that is bringing a bad funk over my roof?

I got a migraine my people that rendered me useless, I couldn’t even move my eyeballs with out feeling the grip it had on my poor grey matter!  It was agony!  If it wasn’t so sore to cry, I would have wailed like a baby but I tried to meditate myself out of my body because my soul couldn’t cope with the pain in it’s earthly vessel!

Hubby drove me to my Homeopath – AGAIN, and when dear Doc called me to his room, I meticulously went through the ailments, explaining all and waited for him to prescribe some foul tasting herb to alleviate my banging  headache. 

“Before I examine you, I would like you to do a dip stick test.” requests Doc.

Sorry?  My head is sore!  How am I suppose to aim a wee in this here little pot when I can barely stand?!?!? 

The man was adamant, even pouring me a glass of water to get the process into action.

I’ll spare you the details, but after the mission was accomplished he informed me that I had a ‘serious’ kidney infection that was basically making my whole body toxic  hence my horrendous headache!   I was sent home with a series of pills, told to drink parsley tea, made fresh and drink the whole bang shoot, (including the leaves) and rest.

Thankfully by the second day, I could see through my eyes so I could read but the back ache that ensued was indescribable!  Parsley, it has to be said, is better eaten on a baguette with garlic and butter than swallowed in warm water!

I lay, questioning why and how on earth I got this little infection?  I definitely did not drink too much – one can’t when you have little people running temperatures and then it dawned on me, maybe I didn’t drink enough!  Maybe, due to my very sober Christmas and New Year, the lack of alcohol may have attributed to my illness? Who knows how many bugs my glasses of vino have been killing off over the years and the moment I stopped they seized the day and took over!  Although in all honesty,  I’m even too scared to drink my standard and normally essential java hit in the morning.  So, for now, it’s good old H2O and we’ve vetoed the parsley to the kitchen for dinnertime.  “Mug o’ Turf” is just not a drink I can get accustomed to!

Well folks, hopefully this is the end of my ‘snivel drivel’ and I can look forward to a healthier month ahead!


6 Responses to “Headaches, Kidneys and Parsley Tea”

  1. Gosh, I am sorry. That sounds awful. I feel bad about complaining on my latest post, since you have something real to complain about. Glad your hubby was there to look after you.

    Take care!

  2. You poor girl! I hope some of those pill included real medicine. I’m all for homeopathy but there comes a point when you need the good stuff, speaking as someone who’s first doctor prescribed SAGE TEA with the result that I nearly broke a rib coughing before someone gave me real meds. Get well soon, our thoughts are with you. And remember, what doesn’t kill us makes us strong. 😉

  3. Just checking in and hoping you’re feeling better.

  4. natalian Says:

    Thanks Charlotte and Honeypiehorse! It has been a long week but the pain is gone just a little low on the energy side but I am sure by next week I’ll be back on track!

  5. Pete Says:

    HI Natalian – So sorry to hear about the kidney infection but glad you’re on the mend. Have also been ill (but not as bad as you) so can relate to the frustration and the tiredness etc. And I’m sure the heat doesn’t help. Hope you find a soothing tea that tastes better than the sage – and remember to drink it!

  6. natalian Says:

    Pete: Will do Doc! ; )

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