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When Music Soothes… January 5, 2009

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If you have been following my fairly irregular blog of late you will have noticed that the common thread has been illness!  It has monopolised my whole festive season from start to finish!  One thing I did learn while playing Chief Administrator of Medication, Remedies and Temperature Analysis, is that above all these things, a sick child needs their Mom and a song.

Eldest was continuously sick as a little baby and it was during those early morning temperature spikes that one would find me holding him in my arms and singing to him.  It was by chance that I started singing “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley – he instantly stopped crying and relaxed in my arms.  Since that day if ever Eldest experienced pain or illness this was the song that soothed his soul.  The rhythm of this song seemed to reflect his little personality at that time.

Wee One has had a marathon run of illness’ over Christmas and finally during another 2am ‘temperature rock -a thon’ I found his song – here it is –

“Impi” – Johnny Clegg & Juluka

If you’ve listened to it you will realise I have one serious problem – I have to brush up on my Zulu!


2 Responses to “When Music Soothes…”

  1. I hope everyone is starting to feel better now…

  2. natalian Says:

    Honeypiehorse: Finally the kids are back on track – Eldest doesn’t stop talking so his throat is definately 100% and Wee One is looking more like himself instead of a “Dot to Dot” Activity Book! Thanks for asking! x

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