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Ask Permission to Grow Up Please! January 30, 2009

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My Eldest, who is 4 years old and prefers his age to be announced as, 4 and a half, has always focused on getting older. 

As a baby we would travel with his beloved soft toys, Tigger, Doggie and Tom, (from Beatrix Potter).  They went to the UK with us when he was just 6 months old and traveled again when we took Eldest overseas for a month to the UK and Germany.  They have been his constant companions and during times of illness and storms they generally would accompany him into our bed, so I had grown to love them too.  As he got older, he decided to add to his 3 ‘friends’ and soon I was muttering under my breath every morning while making his bed and arranging said 20+ ‘friends’ on his pillows. Going on holiday was a logistical nightmare as we had to decide who could come with him and who would have to stay behind on his bed to ‘look after his room’ while he was away.

Eldest started Grade 00 last week, this means he and the rest of his Grade 00 mates are the oldest in the pre-school section of the school and he is very excited that he is growing up.  On the night of his first day of school I went to tuck him in and was horrified to find that all his soft toy ‘friends’, including those that accompanied us around the world, lying in a pile at the foot of his bed!  I felt quite sad staring at the multi-coloured fluffy mass on the floor remembering how he used to speak to them before going to sleep at  night.

When I asked him why his friends were not allowed on the bed he replied;

“Because I’m a bigger boy now Mommy, and bigger boys don’t sleep with friends anymore.”

I kissed him on his forehead and walked out with a heavy heart, I believe I was experiencing a growing pain of my own.  My little boy was growing up. 

Before going to sleep last night Eldest started telling me that he could save the world and that we didn’t need silly ‘Policeman’s’ anymore.  I went in to check on him later before I went to bed and I found something sticking out from under his pillow. It was a black cape and I understood.

I closed his bedroom door behind me with a smile on my face, my little ‘Superhero’s’ imagination was still alive and well.


Straight Talking January 23, 2009

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I like straight talkers.  Maybe that is one of the reasons I enjoy  listening to Barack Obama.  I find our politics here in South Africa a little long winded and filled with meaningless waffle.  Our politicians sometimes appear to be talking sense but if one listens carefully they are generally saying a lot without meaning a thing!  If they do attempt straight talking it is defensive or attacking their opposition without any basis to their claims which to me appears to be playground tactics.

On Wednesday, while watching the evening news I had a moment where I wanted to stand up, raise my fist and ululate!  Graca Machel, wife of Former President Nelson Mandela, was speaking at the launch of “Save Zimbabwe Now” and she called it like it is. (See here for the news report.)

“Politicians have very huge egos to protect. They don’t care if another thousand, another thousand and another thousand die, as long as they protect their egos.”

SADC (Southern African Development Community), after the Zimbabwean Elections, held in March, told the world to leave Africa to solve Africa’s problems.  Well it’s 10 months on and they haven’t solved a thing allowing Zimbabwe to unravel.  I can’t understand how the leaders of Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries could allow this to happen!  For me, a South African, I worry that should anything go wrong in my country who will help us?  Because if this is the help that is out there then I am afraid it stands that African Leaders are only out to look after their own interests and not that of the common man.

Graca Machel stated;

“I want to say to the leadership who are in government in Zimbabwe… a government must protect its citizens… it’s how you treat your own citizens, that’s where your legitimacy comes from.

“It [the Zimbabwean government] has lost completely any kind of legitimacy. “

Robert Mugabe has been in power now for 20 odd years and yet he continues to blame ‘ the West’ and colonialism for the state of his country.  He constantly projects his failures onto Britain and it is time that he stops trying to hide behind the skirts of ‘colonialism’ and face the consequences of his actions.  In Zimbabwe there is little electricity and clean running water, not enough food, not enough money, no medical services and the children of Zimbabwe face a prospect of no education.  Due to the countries failing public works the country now faces cholera outbreaks which are spilling over into Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries.

Graca Machel hit the nail on the head when she stated;

“This is not normal. This is a lesson to our region. We came together to liberate ourselves, but now [we see] that power can pervert you to become precisely the opposite of what led you to become a freedom fighter.

“This is a lesson to other liberation movements in our region,” said Machel.

To fight for freedom, in the past,  here in Africa, was black fighting white but I think it is time for the leaders of SADC to realise that a new fight is emerging and that is to ensure that African countries practice the democracy that they fought so hard for.  Democracy is not about race, it is about rights!

Many are starting a 21 day fast  in a bid to highlight the plight of Zimbabweans, I just hope that their efforts are not invain as it seems that the SADC Leaders are so preoccupied with self preservation that they may not take notice. Afterall, they have managed to ignore the voices of the people of Zimbabwe since March 2008 .

SADC will meet again on Monday here is South Africa, I am hoping that in those meetings the needs of the Zimbabwean people will be met.  If we can’t hope, what do we have left?


Headaches, Kidneys and Parsley Tea January 11, 2009

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Okay, the gods must be seriously pissed at me or I have invited some really bad karma into my life!  What more must I put up with?  What?!?  Must I crawl around my house seven times and weep?  Should I walk around my house with burning sage and try banishing all ills?  Maybe I should try space clearing where one is encouraged to clap ones hands or ring a bell in the corners of your house to move dead energy.  Could it be this dead energy that is bringing a bad funk over my roof?

I got a migraine my people that rendered me useless, I couldn’t even move my eyeballs with out feeling the grip it had on my poor grey matter!  It was agony!  If it wasn’t so sore to cry, I would have wailed like a baby but I tried to meditate myself out of my body because my soul couldn’t cope with the pain in it’s earthly vessel!

Hubby drove me to my Homeopath – AGAIN, and when dear Doc called me to his room, I meticulously went through the ailments, explaining all and waited for him to prescribe some foul tasting herb to alleviate my banging  headache. 

“Before I examine you, I would like you to do a dip stick test.” requests Doc.

Sorry?  My head is sore!  How am I suppose to aim a wee in this here little pot when I can barely stand?!?!? 

The man was adamant, even pouring me a glass of water to get the process into action.

I’ll spare you the details, but after the mission was accomplished he informed me that I had a ‘serious’ kidney infection that was basically making my whole body toxic  hence my horrendous headache!   I was sent home with a series of pills, told to drink parsley tea, made fresh and drink the whole bang shoot, (including the leaves) and rest.

Thankfully by the second day, I could see through my eyes so I could read but the back ache that ensued was indescribable!  Parsley, it has to be said, is better eaten on a baguette with garlic and butter than swallowed in warm water!

I lay, questioning why and how on earth I got this little infection?  I definitely did not drink too much – one can’t when you have little people running temperatures and then it dawned on me, maybe I didn’t drink enough!  Maybe, due to my very sober Christmas and New Year, the lack of alcohol may have attributed to my illness? Who knows how many bugs my glasses of vino have been killing off over the years and the moment I stopped they seized the day and took over!  Although in all honesty,  I’m even too scared to drink my standard and normally essential java hit in the morning.  So, for now, it’s good old H2O and we’ve vetoed the parsley to the kitchen for dinnertime.  “Mug o’ Turf” is just not a drink I can get accustomed to!

Well folks, hopefully this is the end of my ‘snivel drivel’ and I can look forward to a healthier month ahead!


When Music Soothes… January 5, 2009

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If you have been following my fairly irregular blog of late you will have noticed that the common thread has been illness!  It has monopolised my whole festive season from start to finish!  One thing I did learn while playing Chief Administrator of Medication, Remedies and Temperature Analysis, is that above all these things, a sick child needs their Mom and a song.

Eldest was continuously sick as a little baby and it was during those early morning temperature spikes that one would find me holding him in my arms and singing to him.  It was by chance that I started singing “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley – he instantly stopped crying and relaxed in my arms.  Since that day if ever Eldest experienced pain or illness this was the song that soothed his soul.  The rhythm of this song seemed to reflect his little personality at that time.

Wee One has had a marathon run of illness’ over Christmas and finally during another 2am ‘temperature rock -a thon’ I found his song – here it is –

“Impi” – Johnny Clegg & Juluka

If you’ve listened to it you will realise I have one serious problem – I have to brush up on my Zulu!


Unwanted Receiving and Unwilling Giving January 1, 2009

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The festive season has finally drawn to a close and quite honestly by December 31st, I was quite ready to see the back of 2008 and face what 2009 might hold.  Christmas is a time for giving and receiving and Hubby and I just kept on receiving after the 24th and I’m not referring to a gift like the green jersey your Aunty Mable might have knitted for you!  We also gave a gift we would rather not have given on the 28th!  Let me explain the chain of events.

On Christmas morning along with the gifts left under the tree we received, from Eldest, a fabulous throat infection with accompanying high fever!

On Boxing Day, December 26th, we received an immaculate world class fever, from Wee One, topping the scales at 40.6 degrees!

On December 27th, along with a sleepless night of Ibuprofen administration and tepid baths, Wee One started sporting a few spots.

On December 28th, after another night of much the same, my long suffering Homeopath opened his rooms for me on a Sunday to take a look at Wee One’s spots and it was confirmed, despite a costly vaccination, that Wee One had the Chicken Pox!

On the evening of December 28th we discovered that although we were receiving things we would rather not have we had also given a large monetary gift we would rather not have given – to a fraudster, resulting in our bank account reflecting a R12  000 total debit!  Yes, we were still in possession of our credit cards… they are so clever these days!

On the morning of December 29th, despite Wee One’s obvious improvement with his ‘pox’ marks and copious Bicarb baths, a strange rash was starting to appear on his face – we wrote it off to a heat rash – or should I say we hoped for a heat rash.

December 30th and I could no longer deny that said rash was growing from Wee One’s face to his knees and with bated breath I rode back to my Homeopath to have it confirmed that although his Chicken Pox were healing beautifully he had also started German Measles!

December 31st, I went to visit my Dad for his 60th birthday and on my way back, along the freeway, I had a front row seat to witness a full scale “Hollywood” style rifle shoot out between police and the occupants of a white bakkie!  Nothing like a bit of ‘Wild Wild West’ to end off the year!

Did I make midnight to see in the New Year?  What do you think?