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A Life Lesson….not learned December 9, 2008

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The expectant arrival of St Nikolaus on the 6th of December was met with great excitement in our household.  I think this was the first year my Eldest understood the whole concept except when I told him that if he was naughty he would not be receiving sweets in his shoe but sticks.

“Sticks!  I can play with them Mommy!”

Okay, that was not the response I was looking for.

On the night of the 5th of December our Eldest chose his very cool “Spiderman” trainer to impress dear old St Nick and placed it outside the front door, toddling off to sleep with dreams of “E” numbers dancing through his head.

To his delight St Nick had produced a shoe filled with chocolates and the much awaited “candy cane” !

Later in the day, I found his wellington boot at the front door and upon questioning my Eldest why his wellie was not in his cupboard he told me that he had put it there just in case St Nick came past again.

So next year I will have to up my candy stocks as I don’t think he will try and impress St Nick again with his taste in shoes but rather the size, which puts pay to the saying “Quality is better than quantity.”


8 Responses to “A Life Lesson….not learned”

  1. My littlest put on her favorite Spider Man PJs for Nikolaus.

  2. Cheeky! I have a similar person in my house – when the other two put out their boots, she tried to sneak out two boots, just in case Nikolaus would give her extra …

  3. Pete Says:

    Am enjoying your takes on German Christmas through the eyes of your little ones. And he has a good point about quantity over quality.

  4. natalian Says:

    Honeypiehorse: “Spiderman” has invaded my home and shamefully – I am the slave to consumerism. We have Spiderman yoghurt, clothes, bubblebath and undies!

    Charlotte: Cheeky indeed! But its good entertainment to see what they come up with!

    Pete: I always feel a little guilty using my kids as “blog fodder” but its Christmas and beyond the goodwill etc. it really is about the kids…… afterall I am the Christmas Fairy who has been dutifully filling their Advent Calendars, which only happens while they have their afternoon naps. This is so ‘Christmas Fairy’ can have a cup of tea in peace!

  5. Don’t worry, your kids will talk about you plenty in the not so distant future and there will probably be some even more public and embarassing forum to expose family members by then. Many thanks for your comments, do you not include a URL on purpose? I can never link back to you from your comments and have to go the long way. Which is fine, I was just wondering.

  6. Emily Says:

    My kids put trains in their wellies. What does that say about their behavior?

  7. natalian Says:

    Honeypiehorse: Sorry about that – I have been including my URL when I post comments on your blog…. mmm…. the joys of the www! Will try again! : )

    Emily: That they are absolutely NORMAL! Hubby went off to gym yesterday and besides having his gym gear he found a red ball, car and one of his socks from the wash! All thanks to Wee One who has found a new hobby since discovering mobility! Thanks for visiting!

  8. My mistake, I actually meant when I get the email notification on your comments there’s no link to your profile. I guess that’s because you have to choose between profile and blog link. So, my mistake, not yours.

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