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An Unwanted Guest November 27, 2008

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Hubby departed for Germany last week Sunday and I was all ready to fly solo with the kids until I was alerted in the early hours of the Monday morning that I had an unwanted guest – the flu bug! I became the ‘poster child’ for every flu and cold medicine!  It wasn’t pretty and it came at the worst time! High fever, watery eyes, a ‘festive’ red snozz and a voice that started with a ‘husky’ sexiness and ended up sounding like a cackling hags!

How I wished I could have buried myself deep under the covers but since becoming a mother I have had to take the “I” out of “illness”.  Swallowing down some paracetamol I managed to strap my little guys into the car and slowly drive to my Homeopath to aquire the right herbals to get me back on track.  Let’s just say it was a long week.

Hubby has since returned from Germany bearing gifts and Christmas goodies – I have enough Marzipan to last me till next Christmas –  and I, due to the copious amounts of Vitamin C I consumed with the added herbal remedies, have managed to obliterate the “Flu Bug” but my wee still glows in the dark!  So this week life has fallen back into a more normal pace and hopefully so will my blogging!


2 Responses to “An Unwanted Guest”

  1. Hey there! Hope you’re feeling better. You’re tagged so get ready to do the Commenter’s Meme.

  2. Natalian Says:

    Thanks Laura! I can’t wait to do the Commenters’ Meme as soon as I get my first 10 commenters – I’m half way there!

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