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Diving In! November 12, 2008

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I have been exposed!  Yes, I would like to introduce myself, I write under the name Natalian and I am a ‘Blog Recluse’!

I started blogging as a way to start writing again and unearth the creativity that got buried somewhere inbetween disposable nappies and “Spiderman“.  I have enjoyed my little moments of blogging but I have realised that I have not really been participating in the ‘Blogosphere’.  Maybe I have been too scared to put myself out there and thought I would get nasty little comments about my horrendous spelling and grammar! 

 I came across Charlotte’s Web by chance when out of desperation I typed “South African living in Germany” in my search engine and found a writer who not only gave me an insight into the scary prospect of living as an expat in Germany but also someone who I enjoyed reading.  I was so excited to be tagged by Charlotte to do a meme and then I realised I couldn’t actually participate!  I don’t have 10 commentators on my blog! Oh the shame! I have been standing at the waters edge, dipping my toe in every now and then, while watching everybody else have a good time! 

Well ‘Blog Friends’ whoever you may be, whoever reads my blog and to those I am yet to meet, stand back I’m diving in!  Thanks Charlotte for the push!


6 Responses to “Diving In!”

  1. Oh, I am pleased you’re diving in. The water’s not as cold as it looks. And blogging is wonderful for unleashing creativity – it has got me writing again, and that’s about the best possible thing that could happen.

    Welcome and I hope all your blogosphere experiences are good. If anyone’s nasty, just delete them!

  2. lvmg (Lizzy) Says:

    Thanks for vising my site Natalian, and welcome to blogging! I have just added you to my blogroll.

    Charlotte’s Web is one of my favorite blogs, too!

  3. Pete Says:

    Very pleased to meet you too. Charlotte is one of my favourite bloggers so you come highly recommended. Will be adding you to my blog-reader so I can follow your posts. Also interested in the German connection so am enjoying what I’ve read so far about your experiences there. But I gather you’re back in SA for a while?

  4. natalian Says:

    Thanks Lizzy! Same here!

    Hi Pete! I am still here on African soil! This year has been a bit of an emotional tug of war with regards to staying in South Africa or starting life as an expat in Germany. So I am still standing with my feet in both camps at the moment.

  5. Good for you! I had the exact same problem. Hey, I’m a German expat too.

  6. natalian Says:

    Thanks for visiting Honeypiehorse! I have enjoyed reading your site as it has provided me with more insight into potentially living as an expat in Germany – with kids!

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