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When Talking Is Not Good Enough! November 10, 2008

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The world economy is on a bit of a roller coaster ride, banks are bungee jumping with government ropes in an attempt to pull them back up before they snap and fall into oblivion and we, your regular “Joe Soap” are counting our rands and cents and buying cheaper brands of coffee.

This post is not going to debate the looming financial Armageddon but as I walked through my supermarket this morning I was still given a choice on what I could spend my money on.  I want to highlight the plight of the Zimbabwean. Since the National Elections of March 2008, the Zimbabwean people have been living in a political limbo and while they wait for a government power sharing deal to be agreed upon, they are unable to gain access to enough money to buy food, which is also in short supply, and hospitals do not have enough medical supplies to help the sick.  Worst of all many children are losing their parents sooner than they should to HIV/AIDS as the medication which is needed is in short supply or unaffordable.  Without enough food to feed themselves and keep healthy, their immune systems are weakened, leaving them at the mercy of the virus.

I follow the “Letters” of Cathy Buckle, a writer and single mother, who lost her farm to the war vets and her job as a reporter when the government closed down the newspaper she wrote for.  By following her ‘blog’ she has given me an insight into the daily struggles of living in Zimbabwe but also her deep love for her country.  It is scary and frustrating to read. 

How has the world allowed this to happen to a country?  I feel such rage when I hear African Leaders making the statement, “Africa must be allowed to solve Africa’s problems.”  So while they are talking, flying back and forth between continents and countries the people of Zimbabwe are suffering?  All we hear on the news is how “power sharing” talks are in deadlock.  By the time these “power sharing” talks finally come to a workable agreement they will have nothing to exercise their newly founded powers over!  The land is dust, the people are starving and dying and their currency is worthless!  Every day these “power sharing” talks are deadlocked, the ropes are getting tighter around the necks of the Zimbabwean citizens.

We wait in the hope that this round of talks at the latest SADC meeting will bring the results the Zimbabwean people are entitled to!  This ‘problem’ can no longer go unsolved!


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