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Political Alphabet Soup November 7, 2008

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The race for “America’s Next President” has ended and the world has embraced the new President Elect – Barack Obama!  I listened to his speech as he addressed the Nation and I must say for a brief moment I wished I was an American.  Americans have been playing the political game for a long time and they make it look good with all the bells and whistles! It was incredible to watch!

Africa can learn from American Politics.  Your Presidential Candidate should inspire a nation, embrace it’s people by putting their needs first above yours and your parties and lastly the biggest lesson, should you not win, be gracious in defeat like McCain.

South African politics in the ‘Demorcratic’ sense is still very young and at the moment the maturity of our governing political party is being put to the test as a breakaway splinter group is about to form to challenge them at the polls in 2009.  

There is concern with what is been cooked up in the political kitchen of the ANC, under head chef Zuma, especially with his assistant chefs of the Tripartite Alliance, Zwelinzima Vavi of COSATU and Blade Nzimande of the SACP throwing in their generous pinches of salt on the way.  Some chefs like Lekota and Shilowa have thrown down their spoons and are currently starting to cook in another kitchen.  They will soon be launching their new party, once they agree on a name!  As the saying goes “Too many cooks spoil the broth”.

This weekend we, as South Africans, are called to ‘register to vote’ for the 2009 elections and I will be queuing with my bar coded Identity Document once again. With a range of political parties like the ANC, DA, IFP, UDM,ID,ACDP and “?” party of “Shikota”, I will have to wade myself through this political alphabet soup before making a decision where I want my vote to count.  My only wish for the 2009 elections is that the political parties will exercise civility towards one another and that voters will respect each others democratic right to vote.

When Democracy is understood and practiced correctly it is a beautiful thing to watch – this week America showed us how it’s done.


(Recently announced: The Party formed by Lekota and Shilowa is being called, “Congress of the People”.)


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