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“Sleigh Bells – are you listening?” October 23, 2008

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It has happened.  It has arrived and it will stay till the New Year.  Christmas has officially started!  I know, it’s insane after all it’s two months away but our stores here in our local mall have decided to launch “Project X-Mas”!  That’s right folks, here to tempt you with shiny baubles, sparkly tinsel and the croonings of Bing and Sinatra Christmas tunes.

I can’t remember it starting this early last year and I can only think that stores around the country decided to get into the Christmas spirit and tempt the consumer to part with their Rands as it slowly turns to “Nik Naks” on the global markets. 

There was nothing else to do but to toss the packet of Cinnamon Stars into my trolley and start soaking up the ‘Christmas Cheer’!  Tea anyone?


2 Responses to ““Sleigh Bells – are you listening?””

  1. Bloody hell. It makes me so angry. Here in Germany, it started in September. September! My own little rebellion is to not buy anything Christmassy until December. Let’s see if I can hold out …

  2. lailarae Says:

    True, however, on the bright side you can start deciding how to decorate now. And not to forget most importantly plan out your budget for family/friends gift giving trips.


    Laila Rae

    ps. check out my blog:

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