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A Mystery Solved! October 14, 2008

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It was a complete mystery.  Hubby was hobbling upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown. Cursing his old sports injury for resurfacing and unable to find the anti-inflammatory gel that he had been applying to his knee for the past few days.  He looked at me to pull it out of my magic top hat – obviously I, being mother and wife, am all knowing!  Eventually even I conceded defeat, blamed Eldest and found a substitute cream for him to apply.

Yesterday I had an intruder!  Not the human kind so there was no need to phone the Police, but a furry visitor with a very curious little face!  Sitting with my morning mug of coffee going through my emails and catching up on the current global economic crises, I saw movement in my peripheral vision.  Looking up I found I was being watched by a furry little character of the monkey kind!  Now for people living outside of Kwa Zulu-Natal this is unusual and exciting!  For people who have these frequent visitors in their homes, this is annoying!  You leave your bedroom window open for a second and they are in like a flash, some are neat little cat burglars, others trash your home and use your floor as their porto-loo!

I chased my little intruder from my home and believed that they must have gained entry through Eldest’s bedroom windows!  I cleaned upstairs, stripped bedding and believed that all monkey essence had been removed!

This morning Hubby informed me that he had found the elusive anti-inflammatory gel!  While opening our little bathroom window he saw the box in the garden and the tube in the gutter!  My furry intruder had entered into my bathroom and nicked the tube off my vanity! He was of the neat cat burglar variety as I never suspected a thing!  Mystery solved – it was all down to a little monkey business!

So you will need to excuse me, I am off to the shops to buy new toothbrushes!  Just incase! (“shudder”)


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