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House of Cards September 25, 2008

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Have you ever tried to build a house of cards?  It is not very easy as it requires a steady hand, meticulous precision and balance.  Each card is balancing and supporting on another card and it takes one card to fall or a gust of wind and it all comes crashing down.

This is how I view politics in South Africa at the moment.  I think that the relationships within our governing political party, the ANC, have been weak and strained.  It has been a balancing act, with the Zuma trial and the ‘new’ voices within the party, the winds of change have blown over the ANC as we have known it.  They were once united with a common goal, but as time has shown, once power and money is involved it can divide even ‘good soldiers’.

Today is ‘out with the old and in with the new’!  Kgalema Motlanthe is now our new President elect and will be incharge of building trust and stability within his party and address the needs of the people of South Africa.  I hope he has a steady hand and meticulous precision as he rebuilds that which has been broken and neglected both within the ANC as well as the country of South Africa.


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