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Holding our breath September 11, 2008

Filed under: South Africa — natalian @ 7:49 am

Yesterday was a day of protests and fighting words.  The  ANC president has a ‘date’ with the courts in Pietermaritzburg on Friday and his thousands of supporters took to the streets yesterday with placards stating “Hands Off Jacob Zuma”. In Durban it was estimated that about 10 000 people marched through the city centre, including our Mayor!  Whoever is printing the “Jacob Zuma” t-shirts must be rubbing their hands together with glee, they must be making a mint! 

The ANCYL, (ANC Youth League), celebrated their 64th birthday, and their president, Julius Malema, voiced his verdict for Friday as he addressed his members. 

As reported on,,2-7-12_2391286,00.html

“We are not a group of losers.” he said.  “Every fight we fight, we win.  We don’t fight to lose.  That’s why everybody, every little artist, (must come to) Pietermartizburg – there’s going to be a huge party,” he told his members. 

He also referred to what would happen if the outcome of Zuma’s verdict was not favourable. 

“We’ll never hand over our president to jail without a fight.  We’re going to fight.

“Any force that tries to block our way, we will eliminate. We are on a mission here. We will crush you. It doesn’t matter who you are… even if you are in the ANC,”

I never took political science, so I am not qualified to voice an opinion that is of intellectual substance and I am also not about to defend or support the Zuma trial.  I am, however, worried for the stability of South Africa if Zuma is found guilty.  Thousands marched yesterday and marches here in South Africa can become violent very quickly if angry or incited.  If the words of Malema are anything to go by, a fight is what the government will face if their president is put through the wheels of justice.  It is a scary thought.

Today, we go about our business, tomorrow, we will hold our breath and wait.


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