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Feeding the Soul! August 14, 2008

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It’s been a long week.  Wee One started with an ear and throat infection and this has resulted in a baby who is not himself and a mother who is definitely not herself due to lack of sleep and time!

My house is being invaded by the dust bunnies and my ironing pile is slowly starting to look like the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”.  What is a girl to do? 

Today I finally got Wee One to have his morning nap in his cot and not on my shoulder and enjoyed my few moments of freedom as I ran down the stairs to my kitchen.  Should I put in a load of washing, pack away the toys or wash this morning breakfast dishes.  “No!” I decided it was time for me to actually eat breakfast but what did I feel like on my slice of toast? 

As I whipped the cupboard door open there it was literally offering me everything I needed to pick myself up out of my funk…. a box with the catch line “Happiness in a box”.  Man, could I do with a little bit of that I thought, but it was only 9 o’ clock in the morning…

I didn’t ponder this too long, took the box, tore off the clear cellophane and thanked God that my Eldest was at school so he couldn’t see his mother breaking her own rules.  Lifting the lid, there they were,beautiful, round chocolates!  I sat flat on my lounge rug and indulged myself in a few, or many, of those delicious endorphine boosting morsels!

It wasn’t long when Wee One let out a yowl but I bounced up the stairs instead of dragging myself!  You see, although I believe in healthy eating for a healthy body sometimes one has to feed the soul…. Now if only I can find that box I was given for Mother’s Day….


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