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Sunday Bike Day July 23, 2008

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The Durban Beachfront hasn’t seen me in years but that changed this weekend due to very energetic friends of ours!  We were invited to join their family and cycle down the promenade with the kids.  My first instinct was a big “NO WAY”, and then I thought about Eldest and how much fun he would have cycling with his friends.  So I volunteered my husband to accompany them and Eldest while I would push Wee One in his pram at my own leisurely pace.  I have to admit that I am a nervous cyclist, riding in the open is no problem but in between people and cars is pushing me out of my comfort zone.  I was offered a baby seat for Wee One, cycle helmet and eventually I conceded to joining the Sunday bike ride gang.  As we loaded the bikes onto the bike rack I was a bit panicked, I even put in Wee One’s pram just in case he didn’t take to the cycle helmet.  My bike was pulled out from the back of the garage, dusty, flat tires and the longest cobweb you have ever seen extending from the front wheel to the wall.  Oh the shame. 

As Hubby pumped up my wheels I secretly crossed my fingers behind my back and hoped for a puncture but it was as if my dear Mountain Bike couldn’t believe it’s luck, with it’s newly inflated wheels and smooth changing gears, it proudly glistened in the winter sun.  If bikes could be happy, my one most certainly was.

At the Beachfront it was pandemonium with people everywhere taking advantage of a warm sunny day.  Unfortunately for me Wee One didn’t so much as squeak when we strapped on his bike helmet – in fact he sat back and looked like a pro.  I on the other hand had to hold fast to the saying that once you know how to ride a bicycle you never forget…. and the saying is true.

I enjoyed our little family outing riding along and seeing what Durb’s is getting up to. Parts of the promenade have been repaved, there is a strong police presence, and sadly the Fitzsimmon’s Snake Park has been demolished.  The people are as vibrant as ever, playing drums, selling tat at the Flea Market, and building magnificent sand sculptures in the hope that those viewing their work will donate a bit of spare cash.  Our kids managed to sit in a BMW completely made from beach sand!  There is still an element of sadness underlying it all, as one can see that they need the odd R2 that gets flipped on the sand, but as least they are doing something as opposed to the other beachdweller who was sleeping passed out in the midday sun from too much drink.    

I was suprised that it was not an entirely painful experiance, afterall I managed to stay on my bike unlike the last time I rode through the forests in Germany and managed to ride into the back of my Aunt’s bike.  We weren’t sure who caused the accident, however I lay the blame entirely at the feet of the Apfelwein we quaffed at lunch!


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