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Vacation Vaccination Irritation! July 14, 2008

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It has been one long school holiday, and unfortunately due to Husbands work commitments, it has been a long holiday at home.  Very challenging!

This holiday I was officially a mother of two!  Eldest is a loud and a very busy 4 year old and Wee One is crawling and pulling up on everything!  I have also had to start the new role of peacemaker!  I really thought I would still have a bit of time before having to keep the siblings from each others throats, but alas the dream was shattered.  Wee One is already ‘hero worshipping’ his big brother and wants to touch all of his big brother’s toys and join in with what ever big brother is doing.  Unfortunately this type of attention is seen as more of an irritation by his big brother.  So we have had the odd tears and whinges.  Oh, how I long for a quite morning where I can blog and read in peace!

The positives of this holiday is no school run and we all slum around for a little while longer in our ‘ jim jams’ while having mugs of tea before starting our day!  No school notices waiting for completion and trying to remember which day is library day!  Just days rolling into each other and being spontaneous!

However this came to an abrupt end two weeks ago.  I have been blessed with a very healthy baby , unlike Eldest who had me at the Paed every month from the time he was 5 months old!  This was a blessing in disguise, as due to the high amounts of antibiotics, which Hubby and I were not pleased about, we found Homeopathy.  Since Eldest was 13months old we have all been Homeopathically treated as we were amazed at the results we saw in our sons health.  I am not willing to reject vaccinating my children though like some patients of Homeopathy do and Wee One was due for his 9 month measles vaccination.  I detest these injections as they inevitably cause a bit of havoc but I was not prepared for Wee One to react the way he did.

Almost immediately my little bundle of joy became irritable with a runny nose, cough and started not wanting to drink his bottles or eat much food.  I was exasperated and was off to the Homeopath once more, this time for Wee Ones first visit.

Two weeks of running up and down with Homeopathic remedies in cool boiled water, continuous nose wiping, pacifying and trying to keep Eldest occupied at home has not been an easy balancing act and has left me exhausted!

Next week Eldest goes back to school and Wee One can get back into routine and me, well, I’m hoping to have a holiday… of sorts.


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