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An Apology July 4, 2008

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I wish to make a formal and written apology to my mind. 

Dear Mind

You have served me well in my over 30 + years. A few of our greatest moments were when I attained my Matric, received my Bachelor of Arts Degree and entered the working world.

I firmly believe that what we subject our minds to is normally by choice and will have an affect on what we think, do and become.  We are constantly ‘creating’ ourselves.  Our opinions on issues will give any listener an idea of who we are as a person.  You and I have always incorporated ‘critical thinking’ into our everyday lives.  I read books that allowed us to grow as a person, books that added value to way I thought and saw the world.  We enjoyed heated debate allowing us to express my point of view and at times, knowing we were wrong, would then incorporate this new knowledge into my personal growth.

The world is a different place now and I wish sometimes that ‘critical thinking’ could be switched off.  A media overload is taking place and I am addicted.  I want to know what my government is doing with my taxes, I want to understand why my President is not taking a stand against Zimbabwe and what the ramifications may be for my country as the ‘West’ frowns on this mute silence.  I’m trying to understand how my Municipal Government can rename streets, at great cost, after those who fought in the struggle, when the roads themselves are actually a disgrace to their honour.  People are living in poverty in my Province and I am sure those who have been honoured with their ‘street’ would have rather had that money placed in the hands of those who need it most.  Having the M4 renamed is not going to keep a child warm tonight or baby’s belly full.  A legacy of immortalising ones government and self is not going to serve a country well.  A country left prospering due to your government is a legacy worth immortalising.

So once again I have subjected you, dear mind, to the ongoing rantings.  I was confiding this to my closet friend, wishing that I could be an ostrich with my head in the sand but she put me rightly in my place.  She said, “I would rather have knowledge and apply ‘critical thinking’ to what I see than be ignorant.”

I wanted to write this blog to reconnect with my creativity and all I seem to do is spew criticism.  My drafts section is full of unpublished posts as I have realised that one has a certain amount of responsibility when writing for all and sundry to read.

I know you are tired.  Every time I select a book that would normally have all synapses firing we don’t get very far because we are already exhausted.  It is no wonder that the books next to my bed are ‘bubblegummers’ where girl meets boy, pursues love/hate relationship, discusses it over chardonnay with girlfriends, falls in love and it takes the rest of 6 chapters to get to the happily ever after bit.  We don’t need to think do we?  We know the plot, just the words are in different sentence structures.  Movies are also selected in this fashion – no Drama, no Violence, no Suspense – that is my reality these days so can we stick to the brain numbing section?  We need to take a brain vacation where we can get it these days.

I know that time will once again be ours and ideas for paintings and poems will start flowing again, I am just so sorry that I have become stuck.

Forever yours

Me, You, I and Us


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