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Fantastical Fantasy! July 29, 2008

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I have a love relationship with books.  Sometimes it is a superficial love where the title or the cover attracts me, like love at first sight.  This can end is a very short reading relationship that can fizzle before Chapter One is concluded.  Sometimes I give words more time to grab me and depending on the writers style I may make it past the first few lines.  I literally have to be sucked into the authors story. Sometimes it is a love/hate relationship where the author takes me through many emotions but there is enough there to make me want to read more.  Sometimes it’s like a relationship about to hit the rocks, I fight through each chapter and I’m left empty and unfulfilled.

However, nothing beats buying a new book, feeling it’s hard smooth cover and fanning the pages to get a whiff of new ink on paper! It’s a delicious experience!


I have a little confession.  I read Harry Potter.  Yes, I own all the books, attended 2 of the midnight releases and read till dawn. 

So why does an adult like me read Harry Potter?  Since a young girl I have had a facination with fantasy.  I truly believed in faeries, elves and hobgoblins.  I honestely believed I could live in the stump of my apple tree at the bottom of my garden and eat mushrooms as my staple diet!  I still like to feel ‘the magic’.  This is probably why Christmas still evokes these fantastical feelings! 

I love reading these sorts of books because I like the way the author has imagined something not seen in our world.  The author has had to use a selection of words to evoke a response from the reader to visualise something which they have nothing to compare it to.

I would love to have a bottle of ‘butterbeer’, ‘pumpkin pasties’, go to a school where the food magically appears on the tables and look at photographs that move as described by JK Rowling in Harry Potter.  Can you imagine walking into the woods to magical tree called “The Faraway Tree” and having amazing adventures with magical folk, as different ‘lands’ appear at the top of the tree!  Enid Blyton would have me wishing I could chew on toffee with Moon Face and whoosh down his slippery slip on a colourful cushion! 


It’s escapism at it’s best. To go with your imagination to a world that has been created and one, which you the reader, needs to identify with and experience through the words and chapters.

Fantastical Fantasy – my little ‘drug read’.


Sunday Bike Day July 23, 2008

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The Durban Beachfront hasn’t seen me in years but that changed this weekend due to very energetic friends of ours!  We were invited to join their family and cycle down the promenade with the kids.  My first instinct was a big “NO WAY”, and then I thought about Eldest and how much fun he would have cycling with his friends.  So I volunteered my husband to accompany them and Eldest while I would push Wee One in his pram at my own leisurely pace.  I have to admit that I am a nervous cyclist, riding in the open is no problem but in between people and cars is pushing me out of my comfort zone.  I was offered a baby seat for Wee One, cycle helmet and eventually I conceded to joining the Sunday bike ride gang.  As we loaded the bikes onto the bike rack I was a bit panicked, I even put in Wee One’s pram just in case he didn’t take to the cycle helmet.  My bike was pulled out from the back of the garage, dusty, flat tires and the longest cobweb you have ever seen extending from the front wheel to the wall.  Oh the shame. 

As Hubby pumped up my wheels I secretly crossed my fingers behind my back and hoped for a puncture but it was as if my dear Mountain Bike couldn’t believe it’s luck, with it’s newly inflated wheels and smooth changing gears, it proudly glistened in the winter sun.  If bikes could be happy, my one most certainly was.

At the Beachfront it was pandemonium with people everywhere taking advantage of a warm sunny day.  Unfortunately for me Wee One didn’t so much as squeak when we strapped on his bike helmet – in fact he sat back and looked like a pro.  I on the other hand had to hold fast to the saying that once you know how to ride a bicycle you never forget…. and the saying is true.

I enjoyed our little family outing riding along and seeing what Durb’s is getting up to. Parts of the promenade have been repaved, there is a strong police presence, and sadly the Fitzsimmon’s Snake Park has been demolished.  The people are as vibrant as ever, playing drums, selling tat at the Flea Market, and building magnificent sand sculptures in the hope that those viewing their work will donate a bit of spare cash.  Our kids managed to sit in a BMW completely made from beach sand!  There is still an element of sadness underlying it all, as one can see that they need the odd R2 that gets flipped on the sand, but as least they are doing something as opposed to the other beachdweller who was sleeping passed out in the midday sun from too much drink.    

I was suprised that it was not an entirely painful experiance, afterall I managed to stay on my bike unlike the last time I rode through the forests in Germany and managed to ride into the back of my Aunt’s bike.  We weren’t sure who caused the accident, however I lay the blame entirely at the feet of the Apfelwein we quaffed at lunch!


Vacation Vaccination Irritation! July 14, 2008

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It has been one long school holiday, and unfortunately due to Husbands work commitments, it has been a long holiday at home.  Very challenging!

This holiday I was officially a mother of two!  Eldest is a loud and a very busy 4 year old and Wee One is crawling and pulling up on everything!  I have also had to start the new role of peacemaker!  I really thought I would still have a bit of time before having to keep the siblings from each others throats, but alas the dream was shattered.  Wee One is already ‘hero worshipping’ his big brother and wants to touch all of his big brother’s toys and join in with what ever big brother is doing.  Unfortunately this type of attention is seen as more of an irritation by his big brother.  So we have had the odd tears and whinges.  Oh, how I long for a quite morning where I can blog and read in peace!

The positives of this holiday is no school run and we all slum around for a little while longer in our ‘ jim jams’ while having mugs of tea before starting our day!  No school notices waiting for completion and trying to remember which day is library day!  Just days rolling into each other and being spontaneous!

However this came to an abrupt end two weeks ago.  I have been blessed with a very healthy baby , unlike Eldest who had me at the Paed every month from the time he was 5 months old!  This was a blessing in disguise, as due to the high amounts of antibiotics, which Hubby and I were not pleased about, we found Homeopathy.  Since Eldest was 13months old we have all been Homeopathically treated as we were amazed at the results we saw in our sons health.  I am not willing to reject vaccinating my children though like some patients of Homeopathy do and Wee One was due for his 9 month measles vaccination.  I detest these injections as they inevitably cause a bit of havoc but I was not prepared for Wee One to react the way he did.

Almost immediately my little bundle of joy became irritable with a runny nose, cough and started not wanting to drink his bottles or eat much food.  I was exasperated and was off to the Homeopath once more, this time for Wee Ones first visit.

Two weeks of running up and down with Homeopathic remedies in cool boiled water, continuous nose wiping, pacifying and trying to keep Eldest occupied at home has not been an easy balancing act and has left me exhausted!

Next week Eldest goes back to school and Wee One can get back into routine and me, well, I’m hoping to have a holiday… of sorts.


Initiative – 46664 July 5, 2008

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The number 46664 has become as recognisable as the man himself.  Mandela.  He is an iconic figure to the people of South Africa and the world.

I love the fact that this number, given to Mandela as a prisoner on Robben Island by the Apartheid Government, is now being used for the global awareness and fight against HIV/AIDS. 

HIV/AIDS is well documented and written about, however to actually see it ravage a person whom you know brings it home to the importance of campaigns like these.

A new initiative has just been launched to ensure ongoing funding for the 46664 campaign, it’s a bangle made from precious metals.  What I really like about it is that it also going to uplift those who are already infected with HIV/AIDS.  They will be able to earn a weekly income by being employed to manufacture these bangles.

The website itself will be able to explain everything in better detail than I can so check it out at

I am a little dissapointed that as the bangle is only produced in precious metals, like Platinum, Gold and Silver, it may only be affordable to those of a higher financial bracket and therefore it can become an ‘elitest’ fashion accessory .  My only wish is that they brought out a ‘stainless steel’ bangle that would be more affordable and available to more people, especially in South Africa with a weaker Rand. 

I suppose it is the money that counts.


An Apology July 4, 2008

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I wish to make a formal and written apology to my mind. 

Dear Mind

You have served me well in my over 30 + years. A few of our greatest moments were when I attained my Matric, received my Bachelor of Arts Degree and entered the working world.

I firmly believe that what we subject our minds to is normally by choice and will have an affect on what we think, do and become.  We are constantly ‘creating’ ourselves.  Our opinions on issues will give any listener an idea of who we are as a person.  You and I have always incorporated ‘critical thinking’ into our everyday lives.  I read books that allowed us to grow as a person, books that added value to way I thought and saw the world.  We enjoyed heated debate allowing us to express my point of view and at times, knowing we were wrong, would then incorporate this new knowledge into my personal growth.

The world is a different place now and I wish sometimes that ‘critical thinking’ could be switched off.  A media overload is taking place and I am addicted.  I want to know what my government is doing with my taxes, I want to understand why my President is not taking a stand against Zimbabwe and what the ramifications may be for my country as the ‘West’ frowns on this mute silence.  I’m trying to understand how my Municipal Government can rename streets, at great cost, after those who fought in the struggle, when the roads themselves are actually a disgrace to their honour.  People are living in poverty in my Province and I am sure those who have been honoured with their ‘street’ would have rather had that money placed in the hands of those who need it most.  Having the M4 renamed is not going to keep a child warm tonight or baby’s belly full.  A legacy of immortalising ones government and self is not going to serve a country well.  A country left prospering due to your government is a legacy worth immortalising.

So once again I have subjected you, dear mind, to the ongoing rantings.  I was confiding this to my closet friend, wishing that I could be an ostrich with my head in the sand but she put me rightly in my place.  She said, “I would rather have knowledge and apply ‘critical thinking’ to what I see than be ignorant.”

I wanted to write this blog to reconnect with my creativity and all I seem to do is spew criticism.  My drafts section is full of unpublished posts as I have realised that one has a certain amount of responsibility when writing for all and sundry to read.

I know you are tired.  Every time I select a book that would normally have all synapses firing we don’t get very far because we are already exhausted.  It is no wonder that the books next to my bed are ‘bubblegummers’ where girl meets boy, pursues love/hate relationship, discusses it over chardonnay with girlfriends, falls in love and it takes the rest of 6 chapters to get to the happily ever after bit.  We don’t need to think do we?  We know the plot, just the words are in different sentence structures.  Movies are also selected in this fashion – no Drama, no Violence, no Suspense – that is my reality these days so can we stick to the brain numbing section?  We need to take a brain vacation where we can get it these days.

I know that time will once again be ours and ideas for paintings and poems will start flowing again, I am just so sorry that I have become stuck.

Forever yours

Me, You, I and Us