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Picture Perfect June 15, 2008

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I wish I could look like I have fallen out of a magazine!

There are woman in this world who have been blessed with this gift of effortless beauty, they wake up and there is not a single hair out of place.  They somehow have time to lather their bodies with cream enriched with Q10 that will leave them ‘looking younger for longer ‘, have french manicures and their heels are never cracked.

I was not made to encompass effortless beauty.  God gave me thick curly hair and depending on how I sleep I may have last night’s pot scourer on my head or Bob Marley’s dreadlocks.  I have tried the ‘GHD’ whereby one literally irons your hair with a tong looking device, but it takes forever and my arms end up in spasm. I try to have painted nails, but I have no patience to wait for them to dry, so I never have that lacquered effect. It inevitably chips off and it  takes me days to repaint.  Every now and then I make a pact with myself to ensure my body is given the moisture and Q10’s it needs but I end up skipping a few nights and go to sleep feeling guilty, thinking, “You know if you have saggy skin one day it will be because you did not replenish your skin with the Q10’s….”

On Saturday, I tried once again to embody the ‘high maintenance girl’ and take myself off for a few hours of pampering.  I had a facial, which was suppose to fill my skin with goodness and moisture.  It was then off for the eyelash tint and extensions…. I thought I was going to lose my eyesight.  That hideous stuff burns!!!  I lay there with my eyes watering, my vision blurred and I thought, ” You have lost your eyesight in the name of vanity!”  Slowly the burn faded and my vision returned only for me to be shuffled off to my next “pampering” which I can honestly say was starting to feel more like torture.  I detest being ‘fussed’ with as even going to the hairdresser is a painful process for me.

I emerged with a blotchy face, red eyes and the ‘Betty Boo’ eyelash extensions teasing my eyebrows as I blinked but at least my nail polish was perfect.

As I went to sleep that night, again with no toner, moisturiser and Q10’s, I decided that every body’s skin is going to get saggy at some point, I might just get there sooner and decided to shelve my high maintenance aspirations and accept that I am a ‘low maintenance girl’.  Au Natural!


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