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Immigration Nation June 2, 2008

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Once again, a heated discussion on the weekend – the topic – a dreaded word which I wish I could add to the ‘naughty’ words list in our home. A word that fills me with dread, turns my stomach into knots and has both me and hubby talking in circles…. immigration.

This word is tired, immigration is so overused in South African conversation that I almost dread speaking to my fellow countrymen as inevitably the topic leans towards who has left, who is leaving and who is on their extended ‘holiday’ for a look, see  and discover.  We ,as South Africans, have become the ‘Immigration Nation’.  It is tough to keep ‘Proudly South African’ at the present moment as the negatives are outweighing the positives and I am filled with guilt and sadness when I start contemplating life as an immigrant. To speak freely about this topic is dangerous, there are those South Africans who will support such a decision and then there are those South Africans who will look at one as a traitor.

I envy those who have made the decision and I envy those who live in countries where they have never had to contemplate this type of decision.

Sigh! If only an Utopia existed.


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