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Pancakes! May 28, 2008

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Not that I want to bore anybody with stories of my children but yesterday was a big day for my wee one!

He made his first journey across the lounge floor… it was a crawl, in a manner of speaking, crossed with a type of ‘bunny hop’ motion but nevertheless – he moved. Even though I rejoice in him reaching this milestone it is with a slight pang of sadness. My baby is growing up and as he is possibly my last baby I am trying to internalise every moment. Baby gurgles, chuckles and smells. Little hands and feet.

I was lamenting on his ‘BIG’ day with my mother over lunch, while feeding ‘Wee One’ his baby ‘sludge’ when I felt the spoon hit something a little harder than gums. Upon investigation it was confirmed that we had our first nipper!

Mom promptly ordered pancakes with our coffee.  I am not sure where this ‘tradition’ comes from but apparently when a baby gets his first tooth one eats pancakes and I am not one to dispute tradition….. especially when it involves cinnamon and sugar.

Hooray for traditions!




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